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Batwoman Season 3 Trailer Teases A Menacing New Cast Of Villains

It's been well established by now that the "Batman" canon, both onscreen and in DC Comics, features some of the wildest and wackiest supervillains around. As "Batwoman" heads into Season 3, it's clear that The CW superhero show will be drawing from that very deep supervillain pool as it unspools a new story for viewers.

If you missed out on the last season of The CW drama, "Batwoman" Season 2 introduced a new protagonist, Ryan Wilder (Javicia Leslie), who donned the Batwoman cape and cowl in order to avenge her mother's death. This put her on a collision course with Black Mask, aka Roman Sionis (Peter Outerbridge), and his hench-person, Circe. At the end of "Batwoman" Season 2, Ryan turned to the reformed supervillain Alice (Rachel Skarsten) for help in taking down that season's big bads.

But, the Season 2 finale also teased the arrivals of some new villains. Thanks to the recently released "Batwoman" Season 3 trailer (via YouTube), we now know who Ryan and the rest of her team will be dealing with next.

Batwoman Season 3's supervillains will include updated versions of some familiar faces

"Batwoman" is a show all about the next generation having to live up to the legacy left by its predecessors, and things are no different in the case of Season 3's new villains. During Season 2, Black Mask and Circe stole a collection of artifacts Bruce Wayne had taken from his old enemies. Those artifacts went missing, but now they've fallen into the wrong hands.

The first artifact is Mad Hatter's hat, which connects to the Season 3 trailer. There, the Mad Hatter crashes the medical school graduation at Gotham University. In the comics, the original Mad Hatter was the "Alice in Wonderland"-obsessed Jervis Tetch (via Fandom). This version appears to be an entirely new character, but his backstory isn't explained. He also shows off a bag of "Alice in Wonderland" masks. Whatever scheme Mad Hatter is devising will require an equally villainous mind to combat it, which brings us to Alice. She's still in custody and still helping the Bat Team. But, the emergence of the Mad Hatter will probably have serious implications for the character because of their shared literary "Alice in Wonderland" connections.

The "Batwoman" Season 3 trailer also gives us glimpses of some other well-known Batman villains. We see brief shots of Poison Ivy's vial of fast-growing plants, as well as a split-second look at someone who very strongly resembles Killer Croc. Clearly, Batwoman and Co. will have their hands full in the upcoming season. "Batwoman" Season 3 premieres on The CW on October 13, 2021.