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The Best Time Harley Quinn Broke Character On The Suicide Squad

For a movie with such a high body count, James Gunn's "The Suicide Squad" is absolutely hilarious, and unafraid to mine for laughs even as its characters perish left and right in increasingly creative ways. The movie veers in some pretty unexpected directions, and chances are that the audience finds itself laughing throughout, even though things get pretty grim — or rather, precisely because of it.  

Thanks to its darkly comedic, laugh-a-minute nature, it's easy to believe that things got pretty entertaining behind the scenes, and indeed, a recently released gag reel of the movie makes it clear that the shoot was a great time to many of the actors. In fact, even Margot Robbie — who you might imagine got to channel all the manic grinning she could possibly muster into her performance as Harley Quinn — couldn't help but crack on occasion. Knowing this, we can't help but wonder: What was the best time she broke character in "The Suicide Squad?"

Margot Robbie's scene with Flula Borg breaks down in a hilarious way

"The Suicide Squad" has no shortage of Easter eggs and assorted things only adults notice, but the Warner Bros. Entertainment's official YouTube page just took things even further with "The Suicide Squad" gag reel, which gives you insight on how entertaining things were behind the scenes. While it's a glorious sight to witness stone-faced actors like Michael Rooker and Idris Elba completely and utterly lose it, the MVP of the reel is still without doubt Margot Robbie, who breaks character in multiple scenes, usually as a direct result of one of her co-stars cracking in some shape, form or way. 

The way Robbie breaks character is a sight to behold. Unlike most of the other "The Suicide Squad" actors, who can simply lose their cool and crack up, the actress first has to transform from the ever-so-slightly manic Harley Quinn to herself. This is an interesting shift, because she first tones down her intensity, then cracks up and laughs — but as a completely different person, and in a noticeably deeper, more restrained and subdued voice than Harley's vocal stylings. 

While the reel contains several such scenes, the best one has to be the very first one. As Robbie sits next to Flula Borg's Javelin, the latter explains his supervillain identity, but Borg ends up flubbing his lines and turns the moment into an improvised comedy bit about performance issues of a very specific nature. As the monologue progresses, the viewer can witness Robbie drift away from the Harley Quinn role in the span of a few seconds, until she becomes herself and bursts into the kind of normal, pleasant laughter that feels strangely off coming from a woman who's still in full Harley Quinn costume.