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The Surprising Location Where Chicago Fire Is Filmed

Throughout his multi-decade career, writer and producer Dick Wolf has become a key figure in the television industry. Starting with shows such as "Hill Street Blues" and "Miami Vice," Wolf is best known for being the creator of "Law & Order." The successful series spawned several spinoff's including "Law & Order: Criminal Intent," "Law & Order: Special Victims Unit," and "Law & Order: Organized Crime."

Wolf returned to the world of procedurals in 2012, this time turning his attention away from law enforcement with "Chicago Fire." The show, which focuses on the lives of the firefighters stationed at the fictional Firehouse 51 in Chicago, became another success story for the producer. This led to two additional series in the same franchise — "Chicago PD" and "Chicago Med," focusing on a police station and hospital. The success of "Chicago Fire" can be attributed to several things the show does to set itself apart, including its choice in shooting locations — one of which might surprise you.

The show is filmed in a real fire station

Surprisingly, "Chicago Fire" is filmed in a real-life fire station for part of the show. The series is shot at Fire Station Engine 18 on the west side of Chicago, which doubles as Firehouse 51 on the show. Speaking to the Chicago Tribune, Steve Chikerotis, a consultant on the show who was also the Chicago Fire Department Deputy District Chief at the time, said the show films at the fire station over 20 times a year. He added that the location has also become a tourist attraction, drawing hundreds of people from various parts of the globe who visit the station on weekends.

The location has even affected how the show is written. Chikerotis spoke about how the producers wanted a sliding pole in Firehouse 51, a distinctive element of fire stations in film and TV for years. Engine 18, however, is only a one-story building and thus doesn't have a sliding pole. The show writers made Firehouse 51 two stories in the series pilot to allow the fire pole but subsequently opted to make it one level to match Engine 18.