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Killer Camp Season 2 - What We Know So Far

Reality TV competition series lovers have yet another show to swoon over, and if scary movies are your jam, then get ready to be completely obsessed. "Killer Camp" is a new CW show that follows American and British campers through frightening and murderous challenges, all while competing to expose the killer among them. With cash and prizes at stake, as well as trying to not be "killed off" in the wee hours of the night by Bruce the handyman, the campers show their competitiveness in hopes of wining and surviving (via Heavy.).

The series comes direct from Britain's ITV2 and was picked up by The CW to be aired on their summer of 2020 schedule (via All Hallows Geek). The show proved to be successful in America, and lucky for us, the CW was able to pick up a US version. Now, as we await another season, we want to know if there will be any changes to the already creepy camp show, and who we can expect to see more, or less, of.

What is the release date for Killer Camp Season 2?

There is great news for all of you "Clue" board game and "whodunit" mystery fans, as Deadline reports that Season 2 of "Killer Camp" is set to premiere on the CW on October 10 this fall. This is, dare we say, the perfect time of the year for "Killer Camp," particularly if you go crazy for all things Halloween, as the show will only add to your fall TV lineup.

If you haven't experienced the scary and satirical show yet, think back to years past of horror movie benders, when Michael Myers and Jason Voorhees would haunt children's nightmares. Sprinkle in a bit of reality TV and satire, and you have the basic premise of "Killer Camp." 

Grab your coziest flannel blanket, some tasty treats, and even the hand of whoever is sitting next to you as you head through Season 2 of "Killer Camp."

Who will be the contestants on Killer Camp Season 2?

The contestants of "Killer Camp" Season 2 are currently unknown, but there are two cast members you can expect to see again. According to TV Series Finale, Bruce the horrible handyman is making a comeback for Season 2. Handyman Bruce, who wears decrepit rags over his face, a flannel, and overalls, may not say much, but his presence as the camp's killer warrants a second season.

TV Series Finale also reports that the hilarious, vulgar, and completely terrifying campfire storyteller, comedian Bobby Mair, is also making a comeback for the new season. If you aren't already familiar with the words, "We couldn't really have a campfire without a scary story right?," then binge watch Season 1 on the CW app so you can catch up on the killings.

Although we aren't privy just yet to who they are, we do know that the American version of "Killer Camp" will feature 13 American and British contestants heading to the murderous Camp Pleasant (via All Hallows Geek).

What will be new in Season 2 of Killer Camp?

According to All Hallows Geek, we can expect more terror out of the new season of "Killer Camp," and we assume that means more scary campfire stories, a fan favorite part of the show. We also speculate that their will be jump scares and perhaps, fingers crossed, even a summer camp romance or two. 

With one of the contestants being the "killer" among them, said killer must try to remain anonymous to win the $50,000 grand prize. If this season parallels the last, Bruce the Handyman will eliminate one contestant every evening, and you can expect to witness gruesome, violent, and even vulgar situations.

Heavy reports that the winner of Season 1, Carl Woods, also happened to be the killer, and because he was not identified by the campers, Carl won all the money. The show may give off a "Clue" kind of vibe, but make no mistake, this killer won't let you leave alive.