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The Ending Of The Seven Deadly Sins: Dragon's Judgement - Part 1 Explained

For anyone who loves anime, "The Seven Deadly Sins" is a very popular fantasy series based on the manga of the same name written and illustrated by Nakaba Suzuki. Set in a world similar to the Middle Ages but with various magical races, the story follows a group of knights representing the seven deadly sins who must reunite to take on the Holy Knights who took control of the Liones kingdom in their absence. Of course, the story evolves and becomes a lot more complicated than that, with the powerful leader of the Seven Deadly Knights, Meliodas, being the son of the Demon King who is cursed to be forever separated from his love, Elizabeth, a princess of Liones. 

With Elizabeth leading the charge to find and reunite the Seven Deadly Sins, Meliodas is slowly joined by his six other members over time, which include Diane, Ban, King, Gowther, Merlin, and Escanor. In the most recent season, "The Seven Deadly Sins: Dragon's Judgement," Meliodas is finally facing off with the Demon King, his father, and the Seven Deadly Sins are unsure if they can stop him. Shortly after the series began airing in Japan, Netflix acquired the show as its second exclusive anime (Forbes). Over the years, Netflix's distribution has looked a little different than the way Japan has released the series, leading "Dragon's Judgement" to be released in two parts. While Part 2 is coming soon, only Part 1 is currently on the streamer. 

For those who have already checked out the most recent 12 episodes, here's the ending of "The Seven Deadly Sins: Dragon's Judgement – Part 1," explained. 

Meliodas becomes the Demon King

In "Dragon's Judgement – Part 1," the main enemy is definitely the Demon King. As Elizabeth is suffering from her curse, Meliodas volunteers to become the next Demon King to save her. He gives up his emotions and soul so that he can absorb the Ten Commandments and grow to have the power of the Demon King. But Elizabeth and the rest of the Seven Deadly Sins are against this plan, and they hope that they can stop him in time. Unfortunately, they don't succeed. 

Ban goes off to retrieve Meliodas's emotions and soul in Purgatory, while everyone else heads to Camelot to find Meliodas's body. Once they get there, they find the Demon King. Initially, they believe that Meliodas has succumbed to the darkness, but instead, the real Demon King, Meliodas's father, has taken over his son's body. With extreme strength and power, the Demon King is an almost unbeatable opponent. Meanwhile, Ban finds Meliodas in Purgatory, but he must leave him behind to fight off another version of the Demon King in the spirit world. 

Finally back with the group, Ban holds the Demon King off long enough for Elizabeth and the others to join Meliodas in Purgatory, giving him the strength he needs to defeat the Demon King and take his body back. Although it's a difficult battle, Meliodas overpowers his father and returns to himself.  

What happens with the rest of the characters?

While the fight between the Demon King and Meliodas is the main focus, there are a lot of major changes that other characters go through in "Dragon's Judgement – Part 1" that will greatly affect their story going forward. For Ban, his biggest ordeal is with his love, Elaine. When she dies a second time, Ban is determined not to let her go. In order to save her, Ban transfers his immortality from the Fountain of Youth to her, making himself human. Because of his experience in Purgatory, he is still very powerful and able to fight the Demon King in the final battle, but it's unclear how this change will affect him, both negatively and positively, as the group goes on. 

There's also Wild, Hawk's brother who Meliodas and Ban encounter in Purgatory and bring back. Wild has been looking for Hawk for a long time, so it's wonderful that they are finally reunited, and Wild also helps fight against the Demon King. Dealing with another brother relationship, Meliodas's younger brother Zeldris makes the choice to betray his father and help the Seven Deadly Sins defeat the Demon King, playing a key role in bringing Meliodas back. 

The Holy War is over, but what's next?

Although it's nice that Meliodas is back to himself, there are still a lot of things that the Seven Deadly Sins need to figure out in the aftermath. The biggest issue is the curse that is still on Meliodas and Elizabeth. With his emotions and soul back, Meliodas remembers his love for Elizabeth and he is determined to safe her life, no matter what is required to make it happen. Along with that, Meliodas's experience as the Demon King could make it so that he can't stay in Liones for a long time, forcing him to spend further time away from Elizabeth. 

Now that the Demon King appears to be defeated, will the Holy War finally be over? Without their general, the Demon King's forces have no one to lead them. Along with that, Zeldris is no longer allied with his father due to the Demon King's refusal to save Zeldris's love, Gelda, leaving the demons with very few strong leaders or allies. Hopefully, the major battle at the end of "Dragon's Judgement – Part 1" will bring some peace to the world. 

Fans will just have to see how the Seven Deadly Sins's story further unfolds in the upcoming Netflix release of "The Seven Deadly Sins: Dragon's Judgement – Part 2."