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The Flash: Is Ronnie Raymond Savitar?

Warning: Spoiler alert for Tuesday night's episode of The Flash.

There was a lot more to last night's episode of The Flash than just Barry's awful future hair. Following last night's reveal that Killer Frost knows Savitar's identity, some fans think that they may have also figured out the man behind the mask.

The episode ended with the big reveal, with Savitar telling Killer Frost that he has been waiting for her, and that he wants to stop her from becoming Caitlin Snow ever again. Killer Frost asks Savitar why she should trust him, and he bends down, letting his elaborate suit come apart and revealing his true identity to her (but, of course, not the audience). Killer Frost's demeanor immediately shifts, with the villainess asking what he needs her to do. Her immediate, implicit trust of whoever Savitar is has led many to theorize that the big bad is actually Caitlin and Killer Frost's former love Ronnie Raymond.

Ronnie Raymond is (presumably) dead on Earth-1 and on Earth-2, but there are lots of other versions of Ronnie out there who could be terrorizing Barry and co. (There is also a fan theory that Earth-1 Ronnie didn't actually die, which could leave an opening for him to have devolved into villainy over the years.) Ronnie being Savitar would make a lot of sense with the reveal we just saw, although there is one thing knocking the theory– Savitar referred to Caitlin as "my child," something Ronnie would be unlikely to say.

If Ronnie truly is Savitar, the show may have just botched their huge reveal, since most fans wouldn't be all too surprised that the man Killer Frost trusts implicitly is her love. However, Ronnie (and Robbie Amell) has always been popular with Flash fans, and many would be happy to welcome him back to the show, even if it is as the man who is prophesied to kill Iris.

The preview for next week's episode revealed that Barry will figure out Savitar's true identity as the villain continues to tear apart the super team, so we should know for sure who he is soon. Barring any cliffhangers, the Savitar reveal should happen in the May 2nd episode, airing at 8 p.m. on The CW. While we wait, see how the show's characters should really look based on the comics.