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The Incredible Number Of Times Debra Dropped The F-Bomb On Dexter

Once upon a time — before "Dexter"'s upcoming revival series, and before her untimely end-of-original-series-death — Detective Debra Morgan (‎Jennifer Carpenter) was the queen of profanities. Every other word out of her mouth as she investigated crime after crime on the show started with "f" and ended with "k." The salty character was a straight shooter with a sense of humor who despite her brilliance, needed her foster brother Dexter (Michael C. Hall)'s incredible instincts to solve many a case. Her death was met with audience annoyance and bemusement when it occurred in the series finale.

But Debra definitely didn't need to lean on her brother to curse a blue streak. You'd be astonished to learn just how many times Debra uttered the F-word on "Dexter" throughout its eight-season run. Luckily for you, the show's intrepid fanbase has done all of the counting for you already, and the grand total will likely surprise you.

She's not quite batting a thousand but it's close ...

In 2013, the "Ultimate Debra Morgan F*** Count" was posted online by YouTube user A\V Edits. The supercut captures every single instance of Debra's four-letter utterances. If you count along with the 20 minute plus long video, you will find that the total comes to 996, which is quite an impressively foul-mouthed feat.

Jennifer Carpenter told The Hollywood Reporter in 2013 that she would actually remove F-bombs from the scripts if she didn't feel like they worked organically with the scene at hand. Her favorite example of Deb's cursing? "One that's not even a bad one, but 'Christ on a crutch' is really unique and it's really effective," she said.

For those sad that Deb's days of uttering expletives are permanently behind her, you're in for quite the treat. Per The Hollywood Reporter, Carpenter will appear in the revival series in some capacity. Whether Deb appears in a flashback or somehow manages to cheat death, she'll hopefully give us a few more scenes to add to that count on her way out.