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David S. Goyer's Remarks About The Hellraiser Reboot Will Get You Psyched

"Hellraiser" is one of horror's longest-running, strangest, and most varied in quality franchises. There have been 10 "Hellraiser" films since 1987, some good, some not so good. Each film has added something new to the mythology of the sadomasochistic, inter-dimensional Cenobites, and by now, it's become hopelessly convoluted. As SlashFilm noted, after a strong start with the first two movies, Clive Barker's darkly imaginative creation hasn't gotten the respect and studio support it deserves. If any horror franchise is due for a reboot, it's "Hellraiser" — and that reboot is in production now, from director David Bruckner ("The Ritual") and producer David S. Goyer (best known for co-writing the screenplays for Christopher Nolan's Batman movies).

"Hellraiser" is currently filming in Serbia with a cast that includes Brandon Flynn ("13 Reasons Why"), Drew Starkey ("Scream: The Series"), and Odessa A'Zion ("Grand Army") as a female version of Pinhead, the iconic, terrifying leader of the Cenobites, according to Dread Central (though to be clear, the gender of the original "Pinhead" character of Barker's novella was intentionally ambiguous, to begin with).

Goyer recently gave an interview to Collider hyping up the new "Hellraiser," where he said some stuff that should get fans of the franchise psyched.

The new Hellraiser is appropriately Hellbound

Some background: The "Hellraiser" franchise started with a novella called "The Hellbound Heart" by legendary horror writer Clive Barker, who went on to write and direct the first movie, which is a fairly direct adaptation of the novella. Each subsequent movie got further and further away from the source material. Now, Goyer says the reboot is getting back to basics.

"I will say that we went back to the original novella for the source material, we're really honoring Clive's work," Goyer told Collider. "I can say that David Bruckner is a genius. It's filming right now. The footage is terrifying and amazing, and the Cenobites are jaw-dropping."

He also confirmed that the film will have an R-rating, which is pretty obvious, because the franchise runs on sex and gore. He said he doesn't know when fans will be able to see any of this "terrifying and amazing" footage.

"Hellraiser" is slated to be released on Hulu in 2022. There's also a competing "Hellraiser" TV series in the works at HBO.