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Kit Harington Confirms What We Suspected All Along About His Role In The Eternals

"Eternals," one of the latest Marvel Cinematic Universe films, features a very stacked cast. From veterans like Angelina Jolie and Salma Hayek to rising and established stars like Gemma Chan, Richard Madden, and Kumail Nanjiani, "Eternals" has a very diverse band of actors taking up the mantle of immortal, alien superheroes. This is nothing new for the MCU, which already has a plethora of A-list talent on its roster. With that said, even its recently released final trailer shed very little light on Kit Harington's mysterious role as Dane Whitman.

In the comic book history of Whitman, the character eventually became known as the Black Knight. Whitman is actually the third iteration of the character, though he's much more of a superhero-type than his immediate predecessor, who served as a supervillain that fought against the Avengers. It hasn't been entirely clear what role the character or Harington will play in "Eternals," thanks in large part to Marvel seemingly playing things pretty close to the chest. Again, this is not an unusual move for the company, as secrecy is a big part of keeping things unspoiled for fans.

However, a recent interview with Harington may finally shed some light on his character in "Eternals," and it's one we have suspected all along.

Kit Harington will be human in The Eternals

Recently, Kit Harington sat down with Total Film and offered up some juicy tidbits about Dane Whitman's place in "Eternals." First of all, Harington confirmed that his character would share some sort of connection with Sersi (Gemma Chan). However, he also said that Whitman "has a connection with Sersi, as does Richard's character." This is, of course, referring to Madden's Ikaris character. It sounds as if there will be something of a love triangle going on between the three characters, though that's not yet completely confirmed.

Harington also offered up confirmation that Whitman is very much a "human character" in "Eternals." Elaborating on this, Harington said, "He's not an Eternal. He's a character who works with the Natural History Museum in London." This makes sense, given that Sersi is working at that museum as its curator (per Entertainment Weekly). It'll be interesting to see how Whitman becomes involved in the story, but it'll be far more intriguing to see how and if he takes up the Black Knight mantle in the film, and what that'll mean for Harington's future in the MCU.