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Siren Season 4 - Will It Ever Happen?

In 2018, Freeform released Season 1 of "Siren." This fantastical series takes place in Bristol Cove, a fictional town located on the Washington coast. According to local legends, merfolk inhabit Bristol Cove's waters. Residents learn that the legends are indeed true when a mermaid named Ryn (Eline Powell) begins to openly question people, in search of her kidnapped sister, Donna (Sibongile Mlambo).

As she spends time in human society, Ryn befriends marine biologists Ben (Alex Roe) and Maddie (Fola Evans-Akingbola). But this affinity doesn't extend to all human and merfolk relationships. Over the course of three seasons, "Siren" sees humans and merfolk clash, plot, and go to outright war. "Siren" Season 3 ends amidst the aftermath of an attack by mermaid leader Tia (Tiffany Lonsdale). It's so intense, it promises to alter the lives of virtually all of the show's principal characters. 

But then, "Siren" was canceled. Fans were distraught, but some held out hope that a Season 4 would eventually materialize. Are their hopes justified? Maybe — but maybe not. We're here to take a look at the evidence and ask the critical question: Will a "Siren" Season 4 ever happen?

Why isn't Siren Season 4 happening yet?

On August 5, 2020, Deadline announced that Freeform had canceled "Siren" in the wake of Season 3's conclusion. This was surprising, given the show's success: "Siren" became the most-watched Freeform series upon debuting in 2018. It maintained its status as the network's most popular show into Season 3, though that metric only accounted for linear viewers (those watching the show in the traditional manner, rather than through on-demand streaming). 

But viewership of "Siren" also suffered from a double-digit drop season over season. This makes Freeform's decision to cut the series short a little more comprehensible. Ending before viewership could decline even further makes a certain sense, which even diehard fans should recognize. This is probably also the principal reason why there's been no movement on a potential Season 4. Freeform puts out a lot of shows — why bother to revive one that was already shedding viewers?

In the past, shows like "Arrested Development" and "The Expanse" were brought back after cancelation, so if demand keeps up, the same thing could theoretically happen to "Siren." However, until that point, "Siren" should be considered over, with no plans for a Season 4 in place.

What the cast has said about Siren Season 4

For the most part, the cast of "Siren" has been fairly tight-lipped about the end of the show and any potential future it might have. Many of the major players kept their thoughts to themselves as news of the cancelation rippled across Hollywood. But not Eline Powell, who played Ryn Fisher. As fans learned "Siren" had reached its endpoint, she took to Instagram to express her deep love for the series. "It's the end of a true blissful journey," she mused, beneath the first photo ever taken of her on the show's set. "All I feel is peace and gratitude for the honour of playing Ryn ... It was a ride I will cherish forever. And of course the siren fans. Thank you. Thank you, you made it the best of all. If you loved our show, continue to swim, honour the ocean and open your mind to others that are different to you, that live and think and look not like yourself. That's what Ryn taught me most of all."

Intriguingly, Powell actually expressed interest in a potential Season 4 long before the series' cancelation made headlines. In a December 19, 2019 Instagram post, she wrote, "LOVE y'all and hope to see ya for a #season4 in 2020!" This marks Powell as one of the only members of the "Siren" cast and crew to express explicit interest in a possible Season 4. However, as this post preceded the cancelation, it can't really be taken as a sign of the series' future. Still, fans should take heart knowing that one of the show's stars loves "Siren" just as much as they do.

What could be explored in Siren Season 4?

Were "Siren" to get the greenlight for a fourth season, it'd have plenty of material to work with — Season 3 ends in an explosive way. Merfolk leader Tia leads a gigantic attack on humanity — and we do mean humanity as a whole. She wants to wipe them out entirely, and she'll go to any lengths to do so, including baiting Ryn with a captive Hope. A ferocious battle ensues, from which Ryn emerges as the victor. Having slain Tia, she becomes leader of the ocean's merfolk. When last we see her, she's sitting on a rock, waiting for Ben to return. Everyone assures her he's dead, but she refuses to believe them. As viewers know, she's right — Ben is still alive.

Season 4 could strike gold examining Ryn's new position of power. Her longing for Ben could provide a poignant undercurrent to her new status, and propel entirely new plotlines. Other characters are also poised to begin interesting journeys. Xander, for example, ends up becoming the new sheriff of Bristol Cove in the Season 3 finale, and Maddie and Robb embark on an ambitious ocean-cleaning project. If Season 4 comes to pass, it has a wealth of storytelling opportunities to explore.

Who would star in Siren Season 4?

Ideally, "Siren" Season 4 would star the same people who populate the previous three seasons. This might not be possible, however — many of these actors have moved onto new projects and lifestyles. Alex Roe, who played Ben, spent 2022 and 2023 starring on TV series "Billy the Kid," and is already signed up for a variety of films, including "Hazard," "Depravity," and "Bone Lake." Eline Powell, who played Ryn, is less booked up — but that doesn't mean she's less busy. She gave birth to a baby girl in July 2021. Fola Evans-Akingbola has launched herself into a wide variety of exciting new projects, especially on the small screen. In 2022 and 2023, she starred on "Ten Percent" and "The Night Agent." Now, she's signed up for "Back in Action," "Upgraded," and at least one Sky comedy short.

Were a fourth season to be made, some of these folks would doubtlessly be interested. But others might struggle to make time for the Freeform series. We can't say which actors would fall into which camp, but we have to assume at least a few would simply be unable to return to Bristol Cove. As a result, we can't say with any certainly who would be interested in returning for a Season 4 that might never come to pass.