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The Ending Of The Voyeurs Explained

As its very name implies, Amazon Prime Video's intriguing thriller "The Voyeurs" is an eyeful. Directed by Michael Mohan, the movie tells the story of Pippa (Sydney Sweeney) and Thomas (Justice Smith), who land a total dream apartment, complete with massive windows that happen to offer ample views into another apartment on the other side of the street. Because of this, Thomas and especially Pippa become increasingly intrigued with the steamy and dramatic life of Julia (Natasha Liu Bordizzo) and her photographer partner Seb (Ben Hardy), who live there. Eventually, the characters' lives start to intertwine in dangerous and unexpected ways.

One of the many must-watch Amazon Prime movies of 2021, "The Voyeurs" features enough plot twists to keep you on the edge of your seat throughout its duration, and after the dust finally settles, the lives of all four lead characters are irreparably changed. But how, exactly, does the movie's plot unfold in the end? Here's the ending of "The Voyeurs" explained.

Art projects and poetic revenge

The ending of "The Voyeurs" focuses on two key events of the film: The death of Thomas, and the revelation of the secret behind the movie's entire premise. After breaking up with Pippa over her increasingly meddling antics that seemingly lead to Julia's suicide, Thomas, too, appears to commit suicide after he returns to the apartment to make up, only to witness Pippa getting intimate with Seb in the latter's home. 

However, neither of these deaths are quite what they seem. The ending of the movie reveals that Julia isn't dead at all, and that she and Seb set up the entire scenario as a messed up work of art. What's more, a number of dead birds around Pippa's bird feeder clue her in on the fact that Thomas was drugged before his death, which leads her to understand that Seb and Julia likely murdered him. 

Understandably unhappy with the revelation that Thomas died because of an art project, the optometrist Pippa plants a spiked wine bottle in Seb and Julia's home, lures the treacherous couple to her workplace, and uses a LASIK machine to permanently blind the voyeuristic villains once the drugs take hold and they collapse. By doing this, she strips away the visual world both Seb — a photographer — and Julia — a former model — both have reveled in, and leaves them unable to play their sadistic games with people like her and Thomas ever again. 

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The ending of The Voyeurs features callbacks galore

"The Voyeurs" isn't afraid to foreshadow its events, and even seemingly insignificant objects and situations either turn out to be extremely important or get a dark callback late in the movie. In fact, you may need a rewatch or two to catch it all. 

Take the seemingly random birdfeeder Dr. Sato (Jean Yoon) gives Pippa early on. After Thomas pours the remainders of his funny-tasting drink in the feeder and Pippa discovers the dead birds, this seemingly off-the-cuff housewarming gift reveals that Thomas unwittingly imbibed a drugged drink before his death, and as such, was murdered by Julia while Seb was with Pippa. 

While on the subject of drugged drinks, the movie revisits the concept when Pippa incapacitates the couple with a drugged wine bottle to exact her revenge. Her endgame plan, which involves blinding them with an optometrist's laser at her workplace, is yet another callback on earlier events, since lasers are an instrumental tool in Pippa's own eavesdropping antics. 

Perhaps the most important instance of tactical repetition is Seb and Julia's printer, which acts as a remotely controlled instrument of destruction in two key scenes. First, Pippa accesses it to reveal Seb's assorted infidelities to Julia. After Seb and Julia's game is up, she repeats the trick to let the couple know that she knows they killed Thomas.