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What The Final Girl From The Cabin In The Woods Looks Like Today

Anyone familiar with slasher movies could predict how certain characters will die. The quarterback and the cheerleader go off into the woods together and never come back. The know-it-all gets cut off mid-explanation by the killer. The girl-next-door has a handful of close encounters but ultimately survives.

Drew Goddard's 2011 directorial debut "The Cabin in the Woods" subverts these character tropes, assigning the roles at random to a group of college students who don't realize they're part of a ritualistic sacrifice. Each is assigned to a slasher character type and manipulated into becoming it: The Whore, The Athlete, The Scholar, The Fool, and The Virgin. In keeping with horror movie traditions, The Virgin is also the Final Girl. Dana (Kristen Connolly) is chosen for this role despite the opening scene revealing her affair with her professor.

Because of how self-aware the movie is regarding slasher stereotypes, its Final Girl is able to explore the trope as an outsider who, in any other movie, would've been among the first to die. Against all odds, Dana becomes her own version of a Final Girl — even though it means the end of humanity.

Actor Kristen Connolly is best known for "The Cabin in the Woods," but what has she been up to since the horror movie?

Kristen Connolly is still acting

After sharing an end-of-the-world joint with her only surviving friend in "The Cabin in the Woods," Kristen Connolly has continued to portray characters facing high stakes. Since playing Dana, Connolly has starred as Jamie Campbell in the CBS thriller "Zoo" and Christina Gallagher in the Netflix political thriller "House of Cards."

Connolly also starred in the adaptation of Stephen King's "A Good Marriage," as well as comedies like "Ex-Girlfriends" and "Worst Friends." Most recently, she portrays Detective Mira Byrd on the CBS supernatural drama "Evil" and appeared on an episode of "Prodigal Son."

Sticking with her roots, Connolly will star in the upcoming psychological thriller "Deep Water." The film will be an adaptation of Patricia Highsmith's 1957 novel of the same name and will star Ben Affleck and Ana de Armas in the leading roles.

With the 10th anniversary of "The Cabin in the Woods" approaching, we hope the actor will share more behind-the-scenes pictures and details about her breakout role.