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The Most Paused Nicole Kidman Scene In Before I Go To Sleep

In case you're in the mood to stay up for hours on end as you contemplate the fragility of your own psyche, you need to check out "Before I Go To Sleep." The 2014 psychological thriller follows Christine Lucas (Nicole Kidman), who suffers from anterograde amnesia. As a result, she's unable to create new memories, so she maintains a video diary she can watch every day to get back up to speed on where her life left off before the horrible accident she was in. However, as time goes on, she uncovers some horrific truths about her past some people may have wanted to keep hidden from her.

It's a dark, disturbing thriller that keeps you on the edge of your seat as you're placed in Christine's mindset. You also have no idea what's going on, and you acquire new information alongside the protagonist. If you haven't seen the film, there are plenty of moments that make you want to pause so that you can really take in what's happening. But for some viewers, one scene, in particular, may cause them to hold the movie, according to an article from Ninja Journalist.

Many viewers wanted to see Nicole Kidman appear nude in Before I Go To Sleep

The scene in question occurs when Nicole Kidman's character wakes up, and apparently, she sleeps in the nude. She walks over to a collage, informing of all the intricate components of her life. After all, she can't form new memories, so she needs some form of reminder, and it should come as no surprise that the most paused scene in the entire movie is that whole sequence where she walks naked from her bed to the other room. Perhaps some viewers hoped to catch a glimpse of something, but the most we see is Kidman's derriere.

These kinds of titillating scenes tend to get a lot of pause time on people's DVD players. It's like how people tend to stop the movie during that scene in "Basic Instinct" as well as Jessica Rabbit's introduction in "Who Framed Roger Rabbit?" Of course, with the internet now readily accessible, there's no need to try to pause at the exact right moment you might catch something. It's all there for you to see on the interwebs, so you can instead focus on enjoying the movie's actual plot. 

"Before I Go To Sleep" takes numerous twists and turns, so if you need to pause it in order to catch up with the various machinations at play, go ahead and do that.