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Joaquin Phoenix Returns To The Screen In A New Trailer For C'mon C'mon

Joaquin Phoenix has given multiple award-winning performances throughout his life. His most recent performance in a feature film that took the world by storm was that of the titular character in 2019's "Joker," the comic book adaptation in which he portrayed a mentally ill character who's driven to violence before the rise of Batman.

Now, however, he's back to acting in more artsy movies that aren't aiming to become blockbuster hits, but still have a high chance of making you cry. At least that's the impression that the first trailer for "C'mon C'mon" gives at first glance. Shot entirely in black-and-white, the trailer for "C'mon C'mon" features Phoenix as a radio journalist named Johnny who finds himself caring for his young nephew, Jesse, played by child actor Woody Norman. The film is directed and written by Mike Mills, who's directed music videos and short films for a long time, as well as feature films such as 2005's "Thumbsucker" and 2016's "20th Century Women."

Joaquin Phoenix portrays a teary-eyed uncle raising his nephew

The trailer for "C'mon C'mon" gives more of an expectation of what audiences are going to feel when watching the movie rather than what specific plot points to expect. It shows Joaquin Phoenix's character interacting with his young nephew in mostly mundane ways that are sure to be especially relatable for anyone who's raised a child, along with a few scenes of the characters looking worried or pensive, including at least one visit to a hospital. In other words, it's looking like Phoenix's latest feature film is going to be quite the tearjerker.

The film also stars Gaby Hoffmann ("Transparent," "Girls"), Jaboukie Young-White ("Dating and New York," "Someone Great") and Scoot McNairy ("12 Years a Slave," "Gone Girl").

The film debuted Sept. 2 at the Telluride Film Festival, where The Playlist reviewed it as a "sublime, micro-traumatic family drama," again suggesting that you should have some tissues nearby if you decide to watch it. The next showing of 'C'mon C'mon" will be at the New York Film Festival on Oct. 4, after which the film will finally be released in theaters sometime in November 2021.