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The Harry Potter Reference You Missed In What If...? Episode 5

Episode 5 of "What If...?" showed viewers what would happen if zombies entered the MCU. Most of the Avengers were infected with the virus, so Earth's Mightiest Heroes weren't available to help bring down the threat. Those who remained and were uninfected included Peter Parker, Sharon Carter, Hope Van Dyne, Okoye, Bucky Barnes, Happy Hogan, and Bruce Banner. Kurt from "Ant-Man" was also along for the ride, and later in the episode, we learned Vision, Scott Lang, and T'Challa were all alive. Out of that group, only Peter, Scott, and T'Challa survive, and there is a glimmer of hope that they might be able to save the planet from the virus.

Despite the tragic events in the episode, there was plenty of comedic relief from Scott, who thankfully was voiced by Paul Rudd. He even admits in the episode that he copes with sadness by telling dad jokes, and it was one lousy pun after the other while he was on screen. One of Scott's best moments comes as the group is fleeing Camp Lehigh as a zombified Wanda seeks to destroy them all. He shouts out a famous Harry Potter phrase which you could have easily missed.

Scott Lang knows his Harry Potter

The Cloak of Levitation is also still around and helps the team at certain points, and it whisks Scott — who is now sans body and just a head — out of the compound, saving his life. As the pair fly off together, Scott shouts, "Wingardium Leviosa!" Harry Potter fans will recognize this as the Levitation Charm, which makes objects fly or levitate. According to Wizarding World, this particular charm is one of the first that readers of "Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone" learn of. It's also one of the most mentioned across the films and the book series.

Scott's comment confirms that Harry Potter exists in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, bringing together two of the biggest franchises in the world. It's very fitting that Scott yells the charm as a magical cloak is carrying him off. The Cloak of Invisibility is one of the most famous artifacts in the world of Harry Potter, serving as one of the three Deathly Hallows. While the Cloak of Invisibility and the Cloak of Levitation aren't really comparable in terms of benefits, the overall theme of the cape was a fun parallel to see drawn.