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We Finally Know Which Jackass Cast Member Had The Highest Medical Bills

While there have been many highly successful reality shows over the years, there's perhaps none quite as unique as "Jackass." The show focused on a group of friends and their attempts to pull off dangerous stunts and highly silly pranks on each other. "Jackass" has become a franchise in its own right, spawning three official movies and two spinoffs that have cumulatively grossed $497 million worldwide at the box office (per The Numbers). There's also the upcoming fourth film, "Jackass Forever," for fans to look forward to.

With all that in mind, one has to wonder just how much damage the various cast members did to themselves throughout the years. After all, some of the stunts on "Jackass" didn't end with everyone walking away in perfect health. More than a few of the cast spent their fair share of time in the hospital receiving treatment for these various injuries.

Well, for fans wondering who racked up the highest medical bills, we finally have a concrete answer.

Johnny Knoxville has racked up close to $9 million in medical bills

It turns out that Nova Legal Funding crunched the numbers, and they estimate that Johnny Knoxville had the highest medical bills over anyone else in "Jackass." Knoxville, who has also had a semi-successful stint as an actor, racked up $8.66 million in medical debt. The most costly injury he sustained was during the filming of the latest movie, "Jackass Forever," in which Knoxville suffered brain hemorrhaging. That apparently cost around $2.5 million to treat. While Ehren McGhehey came next on the list with approximately $7.38 million in medical bills, Steve-O's skull fracture was the next most expensive injury at $1.75 million.

Obviously, these numbers are incredibly high, but given the risks that each cast member took on "Jackass," it probably won't come as much of a shock to fans. The fact that Knoxville only recently sustained the highest-cost injury is probably a testament to the cast's resiliency during the early filming days of the show and the first few movies. Either way, viewers will probably flock to see what dangerous antics the cast can get up to when "Jackass Forever" releases in 2022.