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The Rick And Morty Season 5 Finale Scene That Has Fans Reeling

"Rick and Morty" isn't always a show that delivers hard emotional knocks to its audience. Surreal, cerebral, and sometimes a little gross, the series does deliver some angst at some points, but it mainly treats its audience to meme-worthy scenes and lots of truly ridiculous, yet fun and goofy adventures. 

The Season 5 finale of "Rick and Morty," "Rickmurai Jack," included a touching monologue from a character whom fans have grown to love a lot. Fans were shocked by what had become of this adored character, and his personal low struck a heavily relatable note for a number of them. Left to mull over the speech the character delivered, viewers have taken stock of the time they have left in their own lives. It proved a surprisingly sharp knock from a series that has offered up a pickle-shaped Rick and a Szechuan McNugget sauce craze.

The folks down at the r/rickandmorty subreddit are having a real one over the final scene in this episode. Who showed up in it and what did they say?

Mr. Poopybutthole broke a lot of hearts

Fans of the show are well aware that Mr. Poopybutthole, who has been a recurring character since the first season, has a rich background life. He's gotten married, fathered a child, and even studied the poetry of Maya Angelou on the way to becoming a professor — a job he subsequently lost thanks to Rick. But life has taken a saddening turn for the philosophical fellow.

u/Acrobatic-Dark-4402 spoke for many members of the r/rickandmorty subreddit when they wrote, "I feel personally attacked by that Mr. Poopy Butthole [sic] monologue."  u/MinuteFamiliar agreed, writing, "strongest b****slap I've ever gotten in my whole life. Totally deserved." 

"He's right tho.... That's why it hit us hard," mused u/IdontDoAnythingAtAll. A number of fans also noted a light parallel between Mr. Poopybutthole's struggle and their own personal lives, observing that the monologue was too real for comfort.

Series writer Jeff Loveness contributed the speech, as he revealed in a recent tweet. It begins with Mr. Poopybutthole standing in the kitchen/living area of what appears to be a rundown one-room apartment. Emphatically, the character opens by musing upon the notion of an existence of an evil version of himself. Naming himself as his own worst enemy, we hear that he is now divorced and still unemployed. 

The divorce came as a result of him choosing to hold himself back from his wife, Amy, in the wake of his firing.  "Ever think about how horrified the people we love would be if they found out who we truly are?" he asks the audience. He wishes aloud that he were brave enough to love the people who love him back. "We don't have as much time as we think," he concludes, a statement that will likely sting anyone who's lived long enough to love a lot. Oowee indeed.