Suicide Squad Visual Effects Team May Have Slimmed Down Cara Delevingne

As if Suicide Squad's abysmal reviews weren't bad enough.

The DC superhero flick Suicide Squad didn't exactly sit well with viewers when it opened in August 2016. And now, the David Ayer-helmed film is in hot water yet again over allegations that the visual effects team altered star Cara Delevingne's figure in post-production.

A new behind-the-scenes video shows Delevingne, who plays June Moone and her dark alternate persona Enchantress in the film, seemingly getting a bit of digital nip-tuck. It appears that Imageworks, the VFX studio that worked on Suicide Squad, pulled in Delevingne's waist to make her appear even slimmer than she is naturally.

While some have speculated that the waist cinching is just a trick of the light, and that the VFX creatives may not have changed her appearance, a closer look seems to indicate that the team did, in fact, shave inches off Delevingne's stomach. Take a look at this side-by-side comparison photo, courtesy of CinemaBlend:

The apparent tummy alteration is amongst some other interesting changes Imageworks made to Delevingne's appearance. The effects team added a glowing blue haze to Enchantress' tattoos, darkened her eye makeup and made her eyes shocking green, and adorned her with a black headdress and matching angular brassiere top. Additionally, Delevingne as the archaeologist turned smoky sorceress got her signature low-slung skirt in post-production. However, it's the slim-down that (understandably) has everyone buzzing. See all the changes made in the full video below:This isn't the first time Warner Bros. has faced controversy over unnecessary retouching. The studio recently came under fire for reportedly Photoshopping Wonder Woman star Gal Gadot's underarms. Many responded that her armpits looked "ridiculously smooth" and brightly glowing. Suffice to say, fans weren't happy.

No official statement has been made by any of the minds behind Suicide Squad, especially not from the VFX team, on whether the Delevingne slim-down claims are true. We'll keep you in the loop as updates roll out. In the meantime, read up on the ugly behind-the-scenes truth of Suicide Squad. (It goes far beyond digital alterations, believe us.)