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Things Batman V Superman Revealed Too Soon

With the unveiling of the first really revealing Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice trailer, all ambiguity is officially gone, and we've seen a little bit of everything. Okay, a lot of everything. Seriously, it's like there's not a single plot point that hasn't been revealed in one way or another in the succession of teasers and trailers we've been shown. While viewers generally expect a little bit of mystery when they buy a movie ticket, Batman v Superman seems to have already provided a TL:DR version of the whole film in just a few minutes. Here are some of the things that Warner Bros. should have held onto for just a little longer.

Wonder Woman's First Appearance

Promo shots from Dawn of Justice revealed Gal Gadot as Wonder Woman many months before the trailer's debut, but we haven't seen her in action until now. Gadot makes a pretty great Princess Diana, and now we know exactly how she pops up in the film: using her magic shield to protect Batman from a blast of nuclear heat spewn by a giant bad guy. Neither Batman nor Superman have ever seen her before at this point, according to their dialogue, so their chat about her sudden appearance seems like a big spoiler. We don't know yet if there's any backstory on Wonder Woman before she just pops up, or if all of that noise is being saved for her solo flick, but it's a pretty large reveal to just blurt out in the trailer.

The Big Bad Guy

It would have been more than enough to have an entire movie about Batman and Superman coming to terms with their different styles of vigilante justice and creating their forever-bromance, with the whole Justice League popping up somewhere near the end, but this movie isn't that. A hero fight is always enough to draw in the crowds, but now, we have a very clear look at the movie's true villain, as well as that villain's powers and lackluster appearance. It's generally a weak move to plaster the surprise bad guy's portrait all over the trailer, and it would have been a pretty cool point to keep under wraps for as long as possible. Now we know: never ask Warner Bros. to keep a secret.

First Encounters

The very first meeting of Bruce Wayne and Clark Kent is kind of a big deal, but nearly the entire scene seems to play out in the film's trailer. It seems pretty obvious from the context and tone of the encounter that both Clark and Bruce probably know who the other truly is, and that Lex also has a clue, having a hand in orchestrating their out-of-costume meeting. Gone is that moment of revelation when we realize that Luthor knows exactly what's going on and he's the mastermind behind the battle between the two heroes, because that too is spelled out very explicitly in the trailer. Is nothing sacred? Why not just slap nametags on everyone up front?

Zod Lives, Kinda

Anyone who's read the IMDB credits for Batman v Superman knows that Michael Shannon's General Zod has had a credit in this film for a while, but one could easily assume that his role consisted of flashback scenes. Even the film's trailers reveal flashback shots of Bruce Wayne in the crumbled foundations of his business during the destructive battle between Superman and Zod that occurs in Man of Steel, reinforcing that theory. But nope, now we've seen Zod's body being carted into Lex Luthor's mad science lab, instead of seeing absolutely nothing about Zod, which would have been preferable.

The Death Of Robin

In one trailer shot, Batman is seen somewhere in his crime-fighting Bat-compound brooding over a desecrated Robin costume. It's clear that the Joker ha something to do with the death—or at least of job reassignment—of whomever was acting as Robin. While it sets up the fact that Affleck's Batman has been around long enough to at least have one busted-up sidekick, it's not the kind of thing that you really have to slip into a trailer. If you have to hide those easter eggs, throw in a giant robotic dinosaur or something, but not a plot point that we'll never see unless we get some terrible prequel, or would rather just experience in the context of the film and not between TV segments of Jimmy Fallon trying desperately to be funny.

The Entire Plot

Let's take some bets on this one. Bruce Wayne is upset that Superman's mega-battles destroyed part of Gotham, so he starts to Batman it up to protect his city. Lex Luthor uses his tactical genius to leverage this animosity into a big, distracting hero fight while Lex experiments on General Zod's corpse in order to make a super soldier for the army. Something goes wrong, the heroes band together, Wonder Woman shows up to teach them how it's done, and by the end, the whole Justice League meets to defeat the deranged experiment before going off to do their own separate movies. If there's anything major left after that, we'll eat Alfred's shoes, and those things have been walking around a cave full of bats.