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Clint Eastwood Takes On Terrorism In The 15:17 To Paris

It looks like the Man with No Name has found his next project.

According to Deadline, Clint Eastwood is set to adapt The 15:17 to Paris, a book about three Americans who successfully stopped a terrorist from shooting up a train two years ago.

The real-life incident went down in August 2015, when an Islamic radical armed with an AK-47 attacked a train as it traveled from Brussels to Paris. Fortunately, there were three guys aboard who didn't let the thug get very far. Anthony Sadler, Airman First Class Spencer Stone, and National Guard Specialist Alek Skarlatos (pictured above) all jumped the terrorist and prevented a major bloodbath. The trio later teamed up with writer Jeffrey E. Stern to tell their story in the aforementioned book, which Dorothy Blyskal recently turned into a screenplay.

With the veteran filmmaker at the helm, we should expect to hear some casting news pretty soon. And really, it makes perfect sense that Eastwood would want to direct this thing, as he loves telling stories about American heroes rising to the occasion.

For example, his last project, Sully, is focused on Chesley Sullenberger, the pilot who successfully landed a damaged airplane in the Hudson River. Before that, Eastwood told the story of Navy SEAL Chris Kyle in American Sniper. While the subject was controversial, the movie made a lot of money, becoming the third highest-grossing R-rated film at the domestic box office. In other words, chances are good The 15:17 to Paris will make quite a bit of cash.

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