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The AHS: Double Feature Episode 3 Scene That Macaulay Culkin Fans Couldn't Help But Love

There's no escaping some roles for an actor. Some movies become so beloved by fans that no matter what the person involved goes on to do with their career, they'll forever be pegged to that character. When that happens, there are pretty much two things an actor can do.

One, go the Harrison Ford route and just be grumpy all the time. Or two, embrace it, make your peace with it. Maybe even have a little fun with it. (Note: Sometimes Harrison Ford does this too, especially when it allows him to play on his grumpy persona.)

Some fans on Reddit noticed Macaulay Culkin doing just that with his appearance in the latest season of "American Horror Story." The scene in question came in the third episode of the show's "Double Feature" season. In the episode, Culkin's Mickey has impressed the agent Ursula (Leslie Grossman) with the screenplays he's been writing, but he also lets her in on the secret behind his success: an apparent miracle pill that seems to grant struggling creatives quick success. 

That sounds pretty good, except it also gives them a taste for blood, and could potentially turn them into horrific vampire-like monsters. That's bad.

How Macaulay Culkin channeled Home Alone in American Horror Story

In the episode, Mickey offers to steal some of the Muse drug from the novelist Belle (Frances Conroy) in order to show Ursula, which is when the fun begins. There's only one direction your mind is going when it starts to associate Macaulay Culkin and breaking and entering, and it's not toward "Richie Rich."

"Macaulay becoming the home intruder is an ironic and iconic moment," wrote Redditor u/ExploderJc. Plenty of people agreed that it was amazing to see Culkin apparently referencing his 1990 classic "Home Alone," in which his Kevin McCallister protects the family house from bandits played by Joe Pesci and Daniel Stern using an array of homemade booby traps. The brief comment got hundreds of upvotes. As with the Wet Bandits in "Home Alone," it goes poorly for Mickey, and earns he and Ursula the ire of the pills' creator, The Chemist (Angelica Ross), who orders them killed.

One fan pointed out that the homage to the film was even more explicit than a simple B&E. "I definitely thought he was channeling Marv (Stern) with the crowbar and the big brown coat!" wrote u/EverlyBelle. 

Another, however, wished they had taken it a step further. "It might have been funnier if he'd slipped on something or she set out some kind of trap," wrote u/recovering_spaz. 

Another fan saw the reference as an opportunity to dream even bigger. "Now I want to see Joe Pesci in AHS," wrote u/The_Schnitz

Now that would take a miracle.