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Here's How You Can Watch The First 15 Minutes Of Money Heist Part 5

Netflix crime thriller "Money Heist" is among the streaming service's major success stories, thanks to its massive popularity in many non-American markets. The series wasn't always destined for greatness, however. Prior to Netflix's acquisition of the rights to "Money Heist," the series aired exclusively on a channel called Antena 3 in its home country of Spain. Ratings were so low that the network cut the series short from what its creators initially planned. When Netflix acquired the rights to "Money Heist," however, its newfound international availability led to an explosion in popularity, securing the series what now amounts to a five-season run in total.

Technically, "Money Heist" is divided into five parts, which essentially function as its seasons, with its first two comprising its initial run and its latter three debuting in the wake of its Netflix acquisition. While Part 5 will be its last, the final batch of episodes will itself release in two parts. The first half of Part 5 will premiere on September 3, and the second half exactly three months later on December 3.

In the lead-up to the premiere of the first half of Part 5, Netflix released the first 15 minutes of the season as an early preview for fans of the show. Here's where to watch this first, extended look at "Money Heist" Part 5.

One last job

The first 15 minutes of "Money Heist" Part 5 are currently available to stream freely through the official "Money Heist" YouTube channel. Prior to this video, the channel has featured a large number of behind-the-scenes looks at the making of the show in addition to some clips and compilations of moments taken directly from the series.

Actor Pedro Alonso, who portrays Berlin in the series, opens the video cby praising viewers for finding the clip. His introduction lasts for just under a minute overall. The season's opening couple of minutes then quickly recap Part 4, given that it concluded more than a year ago (via IMDb). The recap, which concludes with Part 4's cliffhanger ending, transitions seamlessly into new footage, which, as promised, lasts for roughly 15 minutes in total.

That said, even this new clip ends on a cliffhanger — police officer Sierra (Najwa Nimri) holds the Professor (Álvaro Morte) at gunpoint in the clip's proper opening, and her hostageship of him only deepens in severity by its end. Thankfully, the scene should resolve in some manner upon the official premiere of the first half of "Money Heist" Part 5 on September 3.