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Is This The Office's Worst Webisode Of All Time?

"The Office," even eight years since its tear-jerking finale, is still one of the biggest shows of the century, and its lasting success was apparent even during its nine season run on NBC. The show was so popular, in fact, that the regular episodes weren't enough, leaving fans wanted more. Because of this, "The Office" opted to give the people what they wanted, and started a series of webisodes

The new venture launched in 2006 with "The Accountants," a ten episode spin-off that focused on the characters in the accounting department at Dunder Mifflin. Eight more web series followed, including one documenting Creed's attempts to blackmail his coworkers, as well as Ryan's attempts to film a horror movie at the office.

While these webisodes were certainly a welcome treat for fans eager to see more of their favorite characters in action, not all episodes had the quality "The Office" was known for. Which, though, is the worst "Office" webisode of all time?

Moving On is the lowest rated webisode

The lowest rated webisode from "The Office" is "Moving On," according to IMDb users, who gave it a middling score of 6.8 out of 10. Part of "The 3rd Floor" series that ran online in 2010, it follows Kelly and Erin's quest to find fame outside the office.

The webisode starts with Kelly and Erin listening to a song they recorded. Soon realizing that music isn't their path to glitz and glamour, they recruit the help of their coworkers to brainstorm new ways to nab their big break. Luckily, an opportunity falls into their lap: Ryan's efforts to create the next great horror film.

Clocking in at just 2 minutes and 47 seconds, the webisode hardly has a chance to flesh out its story. It also doesn't quite bring the laughs in the same way others do, perhaps leading to its comparatively low score on IMDb. Nonetheless, fans still enjoy getting to see any additional "Office" antics — so it's a good thing they can always turn to the webisodes to entertain them when they're missing the team at Dunder Mifflin.