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Who Does Leslie Bibb Voice In What If...? Episode 4

Leslie Bibb was an early member of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. She appeared in the very first Marvel Cinematic Universe movie, "Iron Man," playing Christine Everhart, a Vanity Fair reporter who has a one-night stand with Tony Stark (Robert Downey Jr.), in a sequence that ... hasn't aged well. Later in the movie, Everhart is bitter about being just a conquest to him, and she's also good at her job, so she finds out information about Stark Industries selling weapons to people they shouldn't. Later, at a press conference, she is the one who provokes him into revealing that he is, in fact, Iron Man. 

Everhart showed up again for a cameo in "Iron Man 2," interviewing Stark's rival, Justin Hammer (Sam Rockwell, Bibb's real-life husband), whom she ditches to pursue a story on Tony. Later, in the "WHiH Newsfront" web series promoting "Ant-Man" and "Captain America: Civil War," she gets a job as a TV news anchor for WHiH, where she uses her platform to be highly critical of the Avengers, and talks a lot about the financial toll of the destruction left behind after superhero battles — which she argues the supes should be responsible for paying.

Christine Everhart hasn't been seen in the MCU since the last season of "WHiH Newsfront" in 2016, but Leslie Bibb's name appears in the opening credits of the Marvel animated series "What If...?" Episode 4. Watching the episode, you may ask yourself who she's voicing. 

The answer is she has a blink-and-you-miss cameo as a familiar character.

Christine Everhart returns

Leslie Bibb returns as (the voice of) Christine Everhart very briefly in "What If...?" Episode 4.

In this alternate reality, she's still a news anchor for WHiH, and reports on one of the many deaths of Dr. Christine Palmer (Rachel McAdams).

In the episode, Stephen Strange (Benedict Cumberbatch) is using the Time Stone to try and undo the car crash death of his lover, Palmer. But every time he goes back to that night, she still dies. One time, he attempts to save her by standing her up for their date so she never even gets into the car. Instead, he goes to a bar. Unfortunately, his attempt to change the timeline doesn't work, and she dies in a fire at her apartment building, which he learns from Christine Everhart while he's watching the news on a TV in the bar. Her only line that's clearly audible is "...numerous casualties, including the death of Dr. Christine Palmer."

It's a very brief voice cameo that shows the lengths to which Marvel went to stack the voice cast for "What If...?," and fans on Twitter were very into it." I love the detail and care they obviously put in this show, getting Leslie Bibb to reprise as Christine Everheart was amazing," @LoreTARDISmucho tweeted.

New episodes of "What If...?" air Wednesdays on Disney+.