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The Cameraman Goof You Missed In Longmire

For six seasons, "Longmire" offered a throwback to Westerns of the past. That can be seen with the main character, Walt Longmire (Robert Taylor), who's reflective and blunt, coming across like a variant version of an old John Wayne protagonist. He's set against an appropriate backdrop, too, of a fictional Wyoming county that has long stretches of nature. It reflects a quainter aspect of modern life, and while you would assume nothing nefarious would happen in the middle of nowhere, crime finds a way to rear its ugly head.

With such old-school sensibilities, it's easy to forget the show takes place in the modern-day. It joins the long list of neo-Westerns, like "Yellowstone" and "Justified," looking to revitalize the genre and show a new generation of people there's still room for classic stories of good and evil out there. However, just because this type of story has changed over the decades doesn't mean fans will accept everything that happens. A random arm coming into a frame to stop a flying bed is a bit of magical realism that some fans have taken notice of.

One Redditor points out the cameraman in a tense scene

No filmmaking goof will ever top the coffee cup left in a "Game of Thrones" scene. However, one Redditor came across a reasonably egregious error in one of the best Westerns to come out of the 21st century. 

The mishap occurs in Season 2, Episode 3, "Death Came in Like Thunder." At around the 30-minute mark, a tense scene occurs where a prisoner lifts his bed and tosses it against the wall. The blunder in question happens in a split-second, so you may want to take advantage of Netflix's playback speed settings and turn it down to 0.5 to see what's distinctly a cameraman's arm entering the frame. The best advice is to look out for a wristwatch that enters the frame in what appears to be an attempt to stop the bed from hitting him. 

The thread contains several screenshots of the scene, and you can distinctly see someone's arm. And seeing as how only one person should be in the prison cell, it's pretty apparent it shouldn't be there. Redditor u/MeltMediaGrouo asks what a lot of people were probably thinking: "How did it get on the air with this frame in it?" Others would have no idea the goof even occurred without the Reddit post, like one fan: "I had to watch this like ten times and back it up. It was hard to catch honestly."

It just goes to show; it never hurts to have more than one take.