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Why Jeff Goldblum's Grandmaster Isn't Blue In Thor: Ragnarok

You can blame Earth Girls are Easy for Jeff Goldblum's inaccurate Thor: Ragnarok look.

Many fans were upset to see that the actor isn't covered head-to-toe in blue (as in the comic books) for his role as the Grandmaster in the upcoming Marvel flick, and director Taika Waititi said that Goldblum's role in the '80s cult comedy is to blame.

IGN asked Waititi why he decided to change Goldblum's look from the comics. "Because he did another movie where he was blue," Waititi responded, referencing the 1988 movie in which Goldblum plays a furry, teal alien. The director also said that, because he cast Goldblum in the role, he didn't want to change his appearance too much and take away from the weight of having the legendary actor.

Goldblum described the Grandmaster as a "hedonist" and a "pleasure seeker," and he evokes a bit of the character's blue skin from the comics with blue face makeup and a blue stripe down his chin. The rest of his outfit is reminiscent of the character from the comics, which means that (even with the skin color change) he still looks more like his comic book counterpart than some other big screen adaptations.

We'll get to see the Grandmaster in action when Thor: Ragnarok is released Nov. 3.