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Things You Missed In The Batman V Superman Trailer

The first full-length Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice trailer has premiered, and it's a solid three minutes of high-intensity explosions...and spoilers. There's a lot to take in, from familiar faces to new monsters, and a few completely unexpected details as well. Fans have been quick to tear the whole thing apart, second by second, and try to make assertions about exactly what's going to happen in this film. This trailer leaves very little to the imagination, but did you catch everything? Here's what you may have missed...

Summon The Batplane

Finally, Batman's getting some sensible vehicles. One of the worst parts about the Christopher Nolan trilogy of Bat-films was the Dark Knight's choice of rides. Why would a trained, stealthy ninja opt for a gigantic tank to traverse the narrow streets of Gotham, and later convert that ridiculous tank into a weird, impossible airplane? Not only does this Bruce Wayne arrive to Lex Luthor's event in a classic, Animated Series-styled car, but we also get a better glimpse of a more traditional Batmobile, and an especially cool Batplane. This is finally a Batman whose gadgets match his technique.

Robin Lives?

It's implied that Batman has already been stalking the streets of Gotham for quite some time. Instead of being an upstart hero, he's been around long enough to have a ton of gadgets, and even an arch-nemesis in the Joker, who has apparently already killed at least one Robin and desecrated his costume. We can see Batman, in true comic book fashion, memorializing the ex-Robin by keeping his costume in a case in his Batcave, making him the most depressing interior decorator ever. Whether or not this Robin is Jason Todd, who's murdered by the Joker in the comics, is a mystery, but it's close enough to the source material to make it satisfying.

Lex Knows

Read between the lines: Lex probably already knows that Bruce Wayne and Clark Kent are Batman and Superman. Dawn of Justice seems to exist in a world where everyone knows who everyone is already; Batman is an amazing detective, and Superman can probably see right through any Bat-disguise, even if it's just by using super-smell or something. And Lex? He's a formidable genius tactician...or maybe he just had access to the ridiculous chat window between Superman and Supergirl in her goofy TV show. Forget about the whole secret identity tension that usually comes with superheroics, because everything's on the table.

The Batman Brand

We only see it for a moment on the cover of a newspaper, but it looks like this Batman has taken to literally branding criminals with his Bat-symbol. Generally, Batman just leaves his conquests with scars and a lifetime of migraines, but this weird, creepy permanent marking of bad guys is a step beyond, making it easy to see why Superman's brand of ultra-clean, Boy Scout justice might get a little perturbed at Batman's skin-searing methods. Sure, having that Batman brand might make it hard to get dates on Craigslist, but no one will dare to touch you in prison if it's known that you went toe-to-toe with the scariest vigilante in the world.

Have Mercy

Like Harley Quinn, the character of Mercy was created for DC's animation branch before she made her way to the comic pages. But now, Lex Luthor's number one security officer has finally made her way to the big screen. You can see Mercy escorting the mysterious, military-grade containment unit to Lex in what seems to be his lab, in which he seems to be experimenting on the deceased General Zod. It's a whole lot of reveals to pack into a few moments, but it's another nod to Superman history that moves this film even closer to the comics, and that's not really a bad thing. Expect to see more easter eggs.

Zod 2.0

Rumors have been marinating online for at least a year, but it seems like Zod is making his return as a Doomsday-like creature for Dawn of Justice, which would make a lot of sense. Doomsday is the foe that actually kills Superman (temporarily) in the comics, so this new movie-Supes cannot take on the bad guy alone. As revealed in his comic book origins, Doomsday was once the deranged subject of medical experimentation, and those aforementioned Internet rumors suggested that Lex triggers some kind of "Doomsday genome" in his tinkering with Zod's dead body. Throw in that protest sign that says "DOOM", and it just seems to confirm things. The whole string of events seems incredibly obvious, but at least it'll probably be fun to watch.

Join The Darkseid

We can only see them for a moment, but there's a scene where flying, bug-like creatures are abducting people. The evil insects look a whole lot like Parademons, the military force that mega-villain Darkseid uses to subjugate planets. While they may just be some brand new Kryptonian creature from the Phantom Zone or something, it's led to speculation that the big ugly guy is the DC Cinematic Universe's version of Darkseid, which is DC's version of Marvel's Thanos. (Well, actually, Thanos was originally a riff on DC's Darkseid in the comics and—you know what? Never mind.) Darkseid would be a ridiculously huge thing to drop on the first movie in a series of Justice League movies. Darkseid may have an ugly face, but he's also not a snarling animal, so let's put those rumors to rest.

Return Of The Superman Statue

We saw Metropolis' giant Superman statue in the first Batman v Superman teaser trailer, but it's scrawled with the words "False God". Now, we have a squeaky clean statue, presumably before the events that divide the respective fan clubs for Batman and Superman. It's an iconic visual element to tie us back to the first teaser and remind us of the unusual cult-like imagery that threw off DC fans when it first appeared. At this point, judging purely by statue-cleanliness, we pretty much have a full sequence of events. Thanks, statue.

Bat-Machine Gun

Batman isn't a really gun-guy, seeing as how a gun killed his parents and all, but he's seen facing off against the big ugly with the laser eyes while holding some kind of giant gun. It's probably some kind of techno-weapon attuned to taking down Kryptonians, which would be perfectly in line with Batman's apparent disdain for Superman, but if it starts shooting regular old bullets, Affleck's Batman is already dead to us.

I Wonder Who She Is...

And towards the end of the trailer, who shows up to save the butts of both Batman and Superman? Wonder Woman, that's who. Sure, you probably didn't miss it, per se, but it's an appearance that bears mention. We knew that Wonder Woman was scheduled to appear in this flick, but it seemed more likely that the Amazing Amazon would have a smaller role, more akin to a cameo. With her last-minute save, it seems pretty clear now that Wonder Woman will be more than just a bit player in this latest adventure.