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Why Reid's Residence Had Criminal Minds Fans Scratching Their Heads

"Criminal Minds" spent most of its 15 season run focused on the Behavioral Analysis Unit (BAU) and their efforts to stop unsubs, so there wasn't always a lot of time left over for stories dedicated to the personal lives of the team. Regardless, the show did delve into some of these details as it progressed, and Spencer Reid's life was no exception. As one of the longest-tenured characters, fans arguably had more of a window into the specifics of his life than almost anyone else on "Criminal Minds."

As with any series that runs as long as "Criminal Minds," there are bound to be aspects of Reid's persona that either don't add up or stretch the suspension of disbelief a little too far. One of these details about Reid you may not have noticed concerns his residence during what is presumably most of the show's run. Whether due to some unspecified reason or an error on the part of the production team is a matter of discussion, but it's something that certain viewers have pointed out.

So, what is it about Reid's residence that has fans scratching their collective heads? Well, it's more about location than anything else.

Reid probably lives in Washington DC

Details regarding Reid's residence in "Criminal Minds" have been alluded to or outright addressed throughout the series. Reid's apartment complex, called the Capital Plaza Apartments, is probably located in Washington DC because his various vehicles have DC plates. This is all a bit strange since the BAU headquarters are in Quantico, Virginia. While it's not outside the realm of possibility that Reid simply makes the approximate 47 minute commute (according to Google Maps) to Quantico every day, traffic would surely be a factor.

It's easy to assume that the FBI would just pick up the tab for a residence a bit closer to Quantico, but what's even more odd is that "Criminal Minds" doesn't really address this distance. In fact, in season 10, Reid's plates are inexplicably changed to Virginia ones. Could this be a subtle sign that Reid eventually moved or was it all a production error? Or perhaps it's just a little detail that the writers didn't deem important enough to bring up during the "Criminal Minds" run, given they were too busy having the characters chase down an endless lineup of unsubs.

Either way, this small detail related to Reid's apartment is a head-scratcher.