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Is Happy From Fairy Tail Really In Edens Zero?

Hiro Mashima is one of the most popular manga creators working today. Since 1999, he has published hundreds of chapters for his series, which have been adapted into various other media, including anime, spinoff series, movies, and even a video game. Mashima's three series, "Rave Master," "Fairy Tail," and his latest, "Edens Zero," all use different genres, but all take place in the same universe. Mashima is known for reusing characters in multiple series, although not always in the same form. So, when a character shows up with the same name as another character in his stories, there will be questions.

That's the case with Happy, the popular blue catlike companion from "Fairy Tail." The "Fairy Tail" manga ran from 2006 to 2017 and followed a group of wizards-for-hire and their animal companions. In that series, the wizard Natsu has a blue companion named Happy, a member of a race of catlike beings called the Exceed.

Mashima's newest manga, and its accompanying anime series, "Edens Zero," is a science fiction show about a boy named Shiki on an interstellar voyage to meet an alien goddess. One his traveling companions, Rebecca Bluegarden, has an android sidekick, also named Happy. So, is the Happy in "Edens Zero" the same one from "Fairy Tail"? The answer can be complicated.

He's more like Happy 2.0

While the character in "Eden's Zero" technically is the same Happy, it's a completely different version of the character, with no memory of the events of "Fairy Tail." Happy appears in the first chapter of "Eden's Zero" in his familiar form, except for his lost memories. Shortly after meeting Rebecca, Happy is killed in a car accident. With the help of Professor Weisz, Rebecca put Happy's brain inside an android's body.

The new Happy isn't able to sprout wings and fly like the old Happy could. But Happy 2.0 is capable of transforming into Happy Blasters form, sprouting twin blasters from his paws and firing bullets made of Ether, which Rebecca can aim. 

So there you have it: it's technically the same Happy, but with no memories and completely different superpowers, as noted by Screen Rant and ComicBook.com.

The "Edens Zero" anime premiered on Thursday, Aug. 26, 2021 on Netflix in the U.S. (via HitC).