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The Bones Moments That Fans Think Are Underappreciated

Of the many, many crime procedurals out there, "Bones" set itself apart by focusing on characters during their off-hours. Of course, workaholics like Brennan and Booth really tended to blend work and play, but "Bones" is overall a cozy show. Fans get so many moments with the Jeffersonian crew that have nothing to do with crime. We know their favorite diner, their favorite bar, their favorite Chinese restaurant, their karaoke go-tos, and how they spend Christmas. Classic procedurals, like "Law & Order," spend almost all their runtime on the crime of the week — viewers still get personal details, but only sporadically.

Redditors shared some of the interpersonal moments that they felt were underrated by fans of the show. People accurately rated moments like eulogizing Vincent Nigel-Murray (good), or that time the episode was from the POV of a skater teen's skull (execrably bad). Over 12 seasons, there were so many tiny moments that went unheralded, including a few that were incredibly unappreciated.

When Bones spoke to Rebecca

Reddit user u/Nothingofnote123 said that they loved the moment in Season 2's "The Truth in the Lye" when Brennan confronted Rebecca (the mother of Booth's son, Parker). In her hugely blunt fashion, she asks Rebecca to explain why she turned down Booth's proposal of marriage when she got pregnant with Parker. Remember, this is maybe 20 seconds after meeting Rebecca for the first time. Rebecca explains that it was because she worried about losing her identity and being one of "those people" who get married just because they're pregnant. Brennan explains that Booth worries it's because she didn't see him as father material.

"To me this scene so clearly illustrates the depth of friendship that B&B share that goes far beyond the sexual chemistry," they wrote. "It's that behind [the] scenes taking care of each other that made their relationship so special." Long before their romance, Bones and Booth are each other's greatest emotional support. Every time Booth kills someone, Brennan checks in on him emotionally, and Booth is the only one who understands the significance of the dolphin belt buckle that identified Brennan's mother's remains in the Season 1 finale.

The introduction of Gordon Gordon

Fans also had a lot of love for Stephen Fry's character, Gordon "Gordon" Wyatt. When Booth shot a clown decoration on an ice cream truck (long story), he is sent to be evaluated by the resident FBI shrink, Gordon Wyatt. Played by British comedy icon Stephen Fry, Wyatt immediately sizes Booth up as someone who can't immediately access or share their feelings. "Gordon Gordon seemed to understand him in five seconds flat, had him building things and letting his guard down before he knew it," one redditor noted, "and he really, tangibly, helped him, getting to the root of Booth's guilt so quickly."

Booth immediately glommed onto Gordon Gordon, but had much more reticence working with and opening up to Sweets (played by John Francis Daley). So when the two shrinks pair up in "Mayhem on a Cross," it brings another underrated moment. "I love that Booth was so inspired by him as a therapist that he actually tried to get him to continue working in the field when he was leaving," u/watercoolersandink wrote. Booth ropes Wyatt into helping with a case involving black metal, and Wyatt in turn helps Brennan, Booth, and Sweets bond over their shared history of being abused as children.

Planning their future together in "The Baby in the Bough"

At the end of Season 3's "The Baby in the Bough," Brennan and Booth discuss both her decision to help rebuild the town they've been investigating that week and maybe one day buy a vacation home there. "You should get that second home in that town you saved. I mean, it only makes sense, right?" Booth says. "We could all go fishing, come back home, plop ourselves in front of that one hundred and three inch plasma screen of heaven and football and you can make the five layer dip."

Fans love the tacit understanding that, romantic entanglement or no, Booth and Bones intend to be in each other's lives forever. One Redditor noted the ease the two share "making plans for the future ... and it's just so natural that neither of them notice it." Before they were lovers, Booth and Brennan were life partners.