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Bryan Cranston Takes Things Too Far In Wakefield Trailer

Moviegoers last saw Bryan Cranston coaching the mighty morphin' Power Rangers, but now it looks like the Emmy-winning actor is taking things in a slightly different direction. The Breaking Bad star recently appeared in the trailer for Wakefield, a dark dramedy where Cranston quickly goes from successful lawyer to an unhinged homeless man, all while spying on his family from a distance.

Directed by Robin Swicord (The Jane Austen Book Club), the new film finds Cranston playing a New York attorney named Howard Wakefield. At first glance, it seems like Howard has it pretty good. He's got a wonderful wife (Jennifer Garner), a couple of kids, plus his house is quite impressive. But despite all his achievements, Howard seems miserable, and one evening, he decides to take up residence in his garage attic.

With a pair of binoculars, Howard starts watching his family below as they struggle with his disappearance. And as the man contemplates his life, Cranston's character devolves from a clean-cut success story to lonely weirdo, complete with scraggly beard. Of course, maybe his bizarre experiment will all be worth it in the end if he can just become the Howard Wakefield he's meant to be.

According to Deadline, Wakefield is based on a short story by E.L. Doctorow, and Cranston is "simply brilliant" in the film. Released by IFC, the movie will first premiere at the Telluride Film Festival before hitting theaters on May 19. If the trailer is any indication, this looks like it could be one of Cranston's best performances. But while we're waiting to see Cranston's new film, be sure to check up on his old buddy, Dean Norris, and find out why Hank from Breaking Bad looks so familiar looks so familiar.