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The One Thing American Horror Stories Got Right According To Fans

Contains spoilers for the "American Horror Stories" episode "Game Over"

The first season of "American Horror Stories" came to an end after six tales that covered everything from cursed movies to camping trips gone horribly wrong. Despite the buffet of different stories on offer, though, not all fans of the franchise were satisfied with the inaugural season. From meta-moments that went too far down the rabbit hole to cringe-inducing attempts setting a campy tone, the show has already proved to be divisive among the fanbase.

Three of the seven episodes (the opener "Rubber (Wo)man" was spread out over two installments) of the season took place in the famed Murder House. The LA mansion was also the setting of the very first season of "American Horror Story" and became even more integral to the narrative in the franchise blending "American Horror Story: Apocalypse." While returning to the place that quite literally started it all provided a few moments of enjoyable fan service, by the time the location once again appeared in the season finale "Game Over," it became clear that some fans were ready to move on.

"Game Over" may have been all about the Murder House but it also offered a curious rebuke of its own setting. In the episode's multi-layered ending, one of the characters utters the line, "I think I've spent enough time in the Murder House." That was music to the ears of a group of fans on Reddit.

Fans are ready to say goodbye to the Murder House

In a Reddit thread titled "Episode 7 of Stories got one thing right-" user u/Yesveronica decided to give credit where credit was due. In their introductory post, they presented their own take on the meta-quote at the end of "Game Over," writing, "'I don't ever want to see or hear anything about the murder house ever again!'"

They then added their own opinion on the matter: "Enough is enough." And they weren't the only commentator who was ready to leave the Murder House in the past.

"Agreed," wrote u/Seer77887, who did also add a stipulation, "only exception I'll allow if it's a series finale for the franchise end ... catharsis without being gratuitous."

User u/DerParadeiser, on the other hand, didn't seem interested in leaving that door open. They wrote, "I'm glad this stinky old ass boring house is gone. This episode was a waste of time and I feel like they just sucked the life out of Season 1."

And for u/jjeeeeppeerrsss, the Murder House episodes of "American Horror Stories" were the continuation of a tradition of degradation of the seminal location. "I'm not considering stories as canon," they said. "Apocalypse already made the murder house look stupid. Stories took it to the next level."

Season 1 of "American Horror Stories" is currently available to stream on FX on Hulu.