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My Hero Academia Fans Are Buzzing Over The New World Heroes' Mission Update

"My Hero Academia" is one of the biggest anime and manga properties currently in production. For example, in July 2020, data gathered by TV popularity tracking website Parrot Analytics revealed that "My Hero Academia" was the second-most in-demand TV series during the 60 days preceding the data's publication, behind only "Spongebob Squarepants" (via The Observer), beating series like "Game of Thrones" and "The Walking Dead."

More recently, a live-action "My Hero Academia" movie was revealed to be in the works. The film will be helmed Shinsuke Sato, the director of the Netflix series "Alice in Borderland," and produced by American production company Legendary Entertainment (the company's most recent anime adaptation was "Pokemon: Detective Pikachu" in 2019). While that film will mark the debut of the cast of "My Hero Academia" in live-action, the "My Hero Academia" anime has already spawned three films. The most recent of those, titled "My Hero Academia: World Heroes' Mission," opened in Japanese theaters on August 6, and secured its spot as the most financially successful movie at the box office in franchise history in its first two weeks of availability (via Funimation).

Now Funimation has confirmed that "World Heroes' Mission" is nearing a theatrical release in the United States too, giving fans domestically their first chance to catch up on the latest in the "My Hero Academia" franchise.

A theatrical release of World Heroes' Mission is imminent

On August 24, Funimation, who own the US distribution rights to all three "My Hero Academia" films, revealed that "My Hero Academia: World Heroes' Mission" will debut in US theaters on October 29, meaning that a period of just under three months will have elapsed since its theatrical release in Japan. Versions of the film will be available both with subtitles and dubbed into English.

Fans have largely responded positively to news of the movie's US theatrical release on Twitter. For example, in response to a tweet sharing the news to the official Funimation Twitter account, user @EarthBoundGamez — whose avatar is "My Hero Academia" protagonist Izuku Midoriya — wrote "ayeee I thought it would come out next year," accompanied by a gif of Spongebob Squarepants dancing, seeming to indicate their delight at its faster than expected release. User @ribarra_40, meanwhile, simply replied "Let's go!!!!! Plus Ultra!!!" along with a gif of the hero All Might from the series.

Replies to news of the film's US theatrical release on the "My Hero Academia" subreddit are similarly positive, including "wooo," by celestialempress, "nice!" by Plus-Leg-4408, and "much thanks" by Soundwave10000.

Barring any future pandemic complications, fans of "My Hero Academia" in the United States should be able to see "World Heroes' Mission" upon its October 29 theatrical release. News of a release on home video has yet to be announced.