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Why Miranda From The Old Ways Looks So Familiar

"The Old Ways" originally came out in 2020, but now that it's available on Netflix, a whole new audience can witness true terror. The horror flick follows a reporter, Cristina (Brigitte Kali Canales), who returns to her hometown to write a piece about witchcraft; however, she ends up with a first-hand look. The locals begin to believe she's under the possession of a demon, and things only grow more grotesque from there.

It's the kind of movie to keep you on the edge of your seat as you debate whether to cover your eyes or not. Critics couldn't get enough of the dark magic and body horror, as virtually everyone on Rotten Tomatoes has positive things to say about it. On top of that, the film primarily has unknown actors in the cast, so without any recognizable faces, it's easier to be drawn into the madness.

One fresh face who nonetheless has an accomplished resume is Andrea Cortés, who plays Cristina's cousin Miranda. This may be her first real foray into horror, but she astonishes in the part. Once you see how good she is in "The Old Ways," you may be surprised to learn about some of the more lighthearted roles she's had in the past.

Andrea Cortés grooved as Ursula in an Oh My Disney music video

You may not be able to tell from her performance in "The Old Ways," but Andrea Cortés has a set of pipes on her. You can listen to her sing on an exclusive Oh My Disney parody of OneRepublic's "Counting Stars," affectionately titled "Counting Scars." The track brings together some of the fiercest villains in Disney's catalog, from Maleficent to Jafar, to sing about how all they want to do is be bad, and they can't help it that they're so evil. 

Cortés portrays Ursula from "The Little Mermaid," and she gets her own verse about halfway through the song to show everyone her moves. Complete with ocean-themed jewelry, the actress steals the spotlight, as evidenced from the plethora of comments praising her underneath the YouTube video. One user wrote, "Hades, Jafar and Ursula were my favorites! Incredible voices!" Hopefully, Cortés gets cast in a full-fledged musical at some point so that everyone can see her skills in action.

She fought for her life on Chicago Med

Andrea Cortés went on to appear in various TV series and short films, including a two-episode arc on NBC's "Chicago Med." She played Jacinta Nieves, who first showed up on Season 5's "It's All in the Family." She's found in an alley by two of the doctors after being jumped by some hoodlums. However, something seems off once she receives medical treatment, and she soon reveals that the beatdown resulted from a gang initiation. Her situation only grows more precarious when the other members arrive at the medical center and want to take her away before she's finished with treatment. 

It's a heart-wrenching role, and Cortés brings the necessary pathos to make Jacinta's story really land. It's one of her most memorable roles to date, and it's one the actress herself seems to care for deeply. In a Facebook post before the episode re-airing, she wrote, "Absolutely loved working on this show! If you missed it last time, here is your chance to check it out!"

Andrea Cortés had another knockout performance on S.W.A.T.

Andrea Cortés has a real knack for playing characters who manage to find a way to get in some serious trouble. She appeared in a Season 3 episode of "S.W.A.T." titled "Knockout," playing the pregnant wife of a boxing champ. She finds herself amid a kidnapping plot, which kicks off the main events of the episode. It's a scary situation the character found herself in, but Cortés had a lot of fun in the role. She even posted a still of the kidnapping moment on Instagram along with the caption, "@actingstyles and I had way too much fun this day on set of @swatcbs!" 

It's a scary episode, but a good encapsulation of what "S.W.A.T." consistently does so well. It manages to take plausible scenarios and makes them larger than life to draw the audience into the reality of the show. Andrea Cortés' star is on the rise, so look out for where she'll crop up next.