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Million Dollar Listing NY Season 10 - What We Know So Far

"Million Dollar Listing New York" is in the midst of its ninth season, and it's truly like no other. The Bravo show added Kirsten Jordan as the first female broker of the series, and she meant business. The returning agents Fredrik Eklund, Ryan Serhant, Steve Gold, and Tyler Whitman grappled with the uncertain NYC market in the midst of a global pandemic, as people fled the city and real estate prices dropped at an alarming rate. 

With nine seasons under its belt, "Million Dollar Listing New York" has clearly cemented itself as a successful Bravo series. The show gives fans a glimpse of some of the city's most illustrious properties along with a good dose of reality TV drama from the agents. They juggle work, family life,and an ever-changing market, with more uncertainties than ever due to the pandemic. On the flip side, the pandemic has clearly made some fans on Reddit a little less interested in the current season. As Bravo airs the final few episodes of Season 9, it begs the question of whether or not the series will make it to its tenth season. 

What is the release date for Million Dollar Listing New York Season 10?

To make it clear, as of this writing, Bravo has yet to renew the show for Season 10. However, given the show's popularity and ability to showcase properties more fabulous than ever, it seems likely it'll make a return. While New York City recovers from the worst moments from the pandemic, the agents will have the unique ability to welcome new residents, with deep pockets, back into town.

Jordan seems like she's just getting started on "Million Dollar Listing New York," ready to blaze a trail as the show's first female agent. So why would Bravo not renew the series for another season to continue her journey? "Million Dollar Listing Los Angeles" is on its 13th season, with a newly bi-coastal Eklund, Bravo revealed. It seems unlikely for Bravo to cut the New York City cord prior to a milestone 10th season.

Who's in the cast for Million Dollar Listing New York Season 10?

As previously mentioned, Jordan's addition brought a fresh face to the cast who's ready to compete with her veteran "Million Dollar Listing New York" counterparts. Her portfolio includes more than half a billion dollars in properties, so she clearly has the status and success that are key to the show. And her ability to speak Italian gives her a unique niche with international clients.

As for the rest of the cast, the drama and history of Eklund, Serhant, Ortiz and Gold is likely to continue to be explored in Season 10. Serhant has been struggling this season to balance work and family, after opening his own brokerage. It wouldn't be too surprising if he decided the show was adding too much to his plate. But considering the significance of 10 seasons, he might tough it out for one more year. 

Additionally, it would be surprising for Eklund to leave NYC for good, even considering that he now splits his time between New York and Los Angeles. Promoting a business on two shows is clearly better than one, so he probably won't be going anywhere. 

What houses are on the market for Season 10?

Since Bravo has yet to renew "Million Dollar Listing New York" for a 10th season, it's unclear what properties will be featured. It's important to note that the network has been adding more and more famous (and familiar) faces to the show. In Season 9, Gold ventured out of the city to look into expanding his territory upstate, where "Real Housewives of New York" star Dorinda Medley lent a hand by showing him the ins and outs of life in the Berkshires. Medley toured Gold through her iconic mansion and filled him in on the clientele in the area, presenting a crossover opportunity for Bravo to showcase two of its flagship shows side by side. 

Additionally, Kelly Bensimon, who appeared in earlier seasons of RHONY, also made an appearance In Season 9. It's possible that Bravo is trying to reach new viewers by tapping into its other franchises, with more possibilities arising each season.