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Star Wars Rebels Season 4 Won't Feature Rogue One's Scarif, Jedha

The upcoming final season of Star Wars Rebels won't include two major locations from Rogue One.

The hit animated television series is inching closer to the events of the anthology flick and the original trilogy, as well. And although we've known for a while that Rebels could reference Rogue One in some way, we still don't know how those tie-ins would come about, or if they will at all.

According to Rebels creator and showrunner Dave Filoni, the Ghost's final battle may unfold around the time of Rogue One, but it won't take place during the Battle of Scarif.

At Star Wars Celebration, Filoni told Slash Film that he doesn't believe it "would be right" to include Scarif in the final season of Rebels. "It would be to hinge this series end on a battle we've already seen the outcome of in a feature film," he said. "It would be a little bit repetitious [and] anticlimactic."

Filoni added, "I think as an initial impulse it sounds great. But the more you think about it, you go, 'Hmm I don't know.' It would kind of taper your expectations and the tension would be cut quite a bit."

Eagle-eyed viewers know that the Ghost was present in Rogue One's Battle of Scarif, which is what inspired audiences to theorize that we'll see a different perspective on the crucial fight in Rebels season 4. Although Filoni said Rebels creatives have their own ending for the series, he thinks "it would be neat to see that battle one day from the Ghost's perspective." Though we know the Ghost is there, we don't know who is inside it.

There's little chance that Jedi Ezra Bridger (Taylor Gray) and Kanan Jarrus (Freddie Prinze Jr.) will survive beyond season 4, since Yoda tells Luke Skywalker (Mark Hamill) in The Empire Strikes Back that once he's gone, Luke will be the last Jedi. Perhaps Rebels will explore who is actually in the Ghost during that battle.

According to Filoni, Scarif isn't the only location Rebels will skip out on. Audiences shouldn't expect to see Jedha either.

"Anything is possible in Star Wars storytelling, I've learned that lesson. Ever since we brought Darth Maul back, I learned that lesson," Filoni said. "I think we have a certain specific task ahead of us and with respect to that film. We wanted things like Jedha to be very special for that movie when it came out."

Filoni explained that Jedha is a "wonderful sandbox," but including it in the series simply won't jive with the rest of the story. "It's not something I could really play with in this series at this point," he explained. "We have our own Jedi mysteries that we've been wrapping our head around."

Though Scarif and Jedha won't appear in Rebels, they played a crucial role in the mythology of the franchise. Check out other surprising ways Rogue One sets up the original Star Wars trilogy.