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Next Nintendo Direct Shines A Spotlight On Splatoon And Arms

If you bought a Nintendo Switch for quirky multiplayer games, then Wednesday is going to be a big day. In the first Nintendo Direct presentation in a very, very long time (seriously, there hasn't been one of these things since January), Nintendo says that it's going to focus on Splatoon 2 and Arms, two highly-anticipated titles for Nintendo's newest console.

As revealed on the company's official Twitter feed, the Nintendo Direct presentation will stream online on April 12, 2017 at 6.00 PM EDT (or 3:00 PM for readers on the west coast). You'll be able to watch the presentation on Nintendo's website and on the company's official Twitch stream.

The Nintendo Direct presentation won't be the first look at either game, of course. Both titles were heavily featured during Nintendo's live Switch event, and have appeared in various videos posted to the company's social media feeds. In addition, Nintendo held a Global Testfire event (i.e. a public demo/beta) for Splatoon 2 late last month, which let players try their hand at upcoming ink-based shooter and revealed that Splatoon 2 is going to play a lot like its excellent Wii U predecessor.

We know a little bit less about Arms, a colorful boxing game featuring characters with springy limbs. Nintendo unveiled the game's four-character roster back in March, and videos confirm that the game will use the Switch's Joy-Con controllers for Wii-like motion controls. Other than that, Arms is still a mystery.

Neither game currently has a specific release date, although Arms is scheduled for spring and Splatoon 2 is due out this summer, so expect that information to come out shortly. In fact, it wouldn't be surprising if release dates were a bit part of the upcoming Nintendo Direct presentation.

Of course, if you really need a Switch game to play with others, you can always check out Snipperclips: Cut it Out Together!!, which launched with the Switch on March 3. The innovative co-op title is one of the best games on the Switch, and is certainly worth a look if you haven't tried it. Just make sure you play with a friend. Trust us, it's much better that way.