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Things You Missed In The Civil War Trailer

Marvel shocked everyone on the day before Thanksgiving by dropping a trailer for the new Captain America: Civil War. There's been a lot of speculation about this movie, and this is the first official footage released. That means it's time to start examining every moment, looking for every single clue and try to figure out what exactly is happening in this movie. Here are all the things you missed in the new Captain America: Civil War trailer...

Is That Hulkbuster?

During the end of the trailer, Cap and Tony have a really poignant moment. Cap apologizes for fighting, but says that he has to because Bucky is his friend. Tony responds by saying "so was I..." It's a sad moment, so you might miss a certain detail. Look at the heads-up display inside Tony's helmet. It's wider than usual, seemingly similar to when he was wearing his Hulkbuster armor in Age of Ultron. Could Veronica (Iron Man's in-suit computer) be making a comeback in Civil War?

Thunderbolt Ross Is Back

While we're on the subject of Hulk and the armor needed to bust him, William Hurt's mustachioed General Thaddeus "Thunderbolt" Ross is back in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. The last time anyone's seen him was in the Ed Norton-starring Incredible Hulk from 2008. This marks the first direct reappearance of any unique cast member or character from that movie in the new Marvel movies. With the Hulk's disappearance at the end of Age of Ultron, Iron Man's apparent decision to get back into the Hulkbusting business, and the presence of General Ross, could Ruffalo's Jade Giant be far behind?

No Vision

After the fight with Ultron, Vision proved himself to be one of the mightiest Avengers. He's also one of the most important, because he carries an Infinity Stone with him, and he's the only one so far to prove himself worthy to carry Thor's hammer. So, where is he? Almost every other Avenger makes an appearance in the trailer—but no Vision. We know that he takes Tony's side, but it seems like Marvel's holding back footage of this character. Maybe something about his look is a little too spoilery?

No Bucky-Cap Foreshadowing

One of the longest running rumors about this movie are the fates of Bucky and Captain America. Potential spoilers ahead: in the comics, this particular story ends with Steve Rogers being assassinated (or, more accurately, "dislodged in time," but that that's a whole other story), and Bucky carrying on the legacy of Captain America. It's unclear as to whether or not the movies will follow this route, but if the trailer is any indication, they won't. There's not one bit of symbolism that Bucky will wield the shield. Either they're trying to be super sneaky about it, or it's not even going to come close to happening.

Tony's Black Eye

When Iron Man first appears in the trailer, he's confronting Captain America. The Captain seems shocked to see Tony approaching him. As Tony approaches Steve, he removes his helmet to try and talk to him. It's hard to make out because of the shadows, but Tony has a black eye. Is this evidence of a previous encounter between the two men? Is that why Tony's mad? Or is Tony present at whatever tragic event sets off the Superhuman Registration Act?

Someone Else Carrying The Shield

During a scene where Cap and Falcon enter a warehouse, we see someone else carrying Cap's shield. The two heroes are in civilian outfits, so it's unclear when in the movie this scene fits. They don't look happy to be there, but they also don't look like they're being forced to do anything. Cap usually doesn't let other people touch the shield, so what exactly is the set up here? Do Cap and Falcon get arrested? Does Cap get relieved of his title? Did he just hand it off to someone to get it polished?

Scarlet Witch Flies

In a quick, blink-and-you'll-miss-it moment, Scarlet Witch makes an appearance in the trailer. As the two teams of opposing heroes charge at each other, she sides with Captain America's crew. She's in the background, but as everyone runs forward, the Witch makes a surprising move. She charges up her hands, and then takes flight. She doesn't do anything like this in Age of Ultron. Clearly, she's been training and upgrading her skills. What other new powers has she developed?