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Mark Hamill Plays Han Solo In Bad Lip Reading Of The Force Awakens

If you ever thought Mark Hamill would've made a better Han Solo, you're definitely wrong. But this is as close as you'll get to seeing it.

In a special installment of the Bad Lip Reading series, the Luke Skywalker actor provides the voice of Solo, and it's utterly and undeniably amazing. Jessica DiCicco also guests as the voice of Rey, and the video is dedicated to the late Carrie Fisher. (The stuff with her is pure gold.)

If you're unfamiliar with the premise (which means you're probably unfamiliar with the internet), BLR overdubs hysterical, nonsensical voiceovers for everything from Twilight to the NFL. We're also a big fan of this Game of Thrones installment that reimagines Westeros as a theme park.

Watch the video above, then watch it again, then check out the biggest easter eggs in The Force Awakens.