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Why Han Solo Is Definitely Star Lord's Father

Right now, Disney is giving geeks everything they could ever want. They're putting out Marvel movie after movie, and they're going to start doing the same thing with Star Wars! It's amazing! You know what else is amazing? Han Solo is definitely Star-Lord's father. The ending of Guardians of the Galaxy set up the mystery of Quill's parentage, and it's been suggested that it's different than the story in the comics. Here's why the most awesome crossover ever is going to happen.

His Father Is Something Ancient, But Still Human-Looking

This is the crux of the argument, right here. At the end of Guardians of the Galaxy, Peter Quill learns that his father isn't human, but instead something ancient from an unknown species. Well, Han lived a long time ago, in a galaxy far, far away. So, that covers the ancient part. Also, whatever Quill's dad is, it has to look human, just like the 'human' characters in Star Wars. Han fits the physical description of Star-Lord's dad. The only problem is that Han doesn't seem to be immortal, so they'd have to explain how he ended up on Earth in the '80s. That shouldn't be too hard, though. Star Wars is full of both advanced technology and super space magic (the Force). In fact, the time travel part wouldn't be hard to explain at all. It could also explain why Han didn't stick around, because he got sucked back in time. Time travel is crazy like that. It doesn't care about tearing families apart at all.


At the start of Star Wars, Han is just a simple smuggler with a price on his head. He has no illusions of glory—he's just trying to make enough money and not get killed. It isn't until he's forced into a fight that he becomes heroic. He waits until the very end of A New Hope to actually come back and help out in a battle he could have just walked away from. He's a reluctant hero. Sound familiar? Star-Lord was a pirate, which is really just a cooler version of being a smuggler. He only ends up becoming a Guardian of the Galaxy because he stumbles into it. His goal for the majority of the movie is just to make money. Seems like these two guys have a lot in common. They do the right thing, but they keep people guessing at first. Maybe being a grumpy hero is a familial trait?

Similar Sidekicks

One of Quill's teammates, Groot, is a giant tree who is the muscle of the group and can only communicate by saying the phrase "I am Groot." Han's good buddy Chewbacca is also the muscle of his team, and he can only communicate through growls. Despite these communication problems, both Star-Lord and Han seem to have no trouble knowing what's being said. Sure, Groot doesn't have any fur, but that's why Rocket is there. See, these two guys have basically the same taste in friends. Gamora and Leia are both orphaned bad asses who don't need rescuing. All Han needs to do is find a guy who doesn't understand metaphors, and Star-Lord needs to find some whiny kid from a backwater planet, and they'll both have the same exact team. In all honesty, once Luke starts training to be a jedi, he starts to act a little bit like Drax. So, there you go, these two guys have the same exact friends.

They're Both Wanted Men

Both characters are pirates, but they also apparently aren't very good at it. When we meet Han, he's in deep trouble because he ditched a shipment of spice to avoid imperial authorities. Unable to pay Jabba the Hutt back, Han has to keep a low profile and avoid bounty hunters left and right. Meanwhile, we're introduced to Peter Quill right as he's decided to break away from his crew and work on his own–going to work solo, as it were. He steals a haul out from them, and then ends up with a price on his head. Also, both guys are awful at not getting caught. Quill gets picked up trying to sell the stolen piece to the guy that his crew was going to sell it to. Han, on the other hand, is hiding out on the planet that Jabba the Hutt lives on. Seriously, guys, learn how to plan ahead, even if only just a little bit.

Chris Pratt Based Star-Lord Off Han Solo

During press before the release of Guardians of the Galaxy, Chris Pratt basically had to keep explaining who his character was. Prior to the movie, nobody knew who Star-Lord was. Even comic book fans weren't super-familiar with the character. There were multiple times where Pratt answered questions by comparing Peter Quill to Han Solo. Maybe Pratt was just talking, or maybe he was trying to prep everybody for the big reveal. It could have been an effort on the actor's part to subconsciously connect the two characters in the audience's minds. It's not like Star-Lord is that complicated of a character. Pratt didn't have to make a connection, but he did it a bunch of times.

Star Wars And Marvel Just Have To Connect

Here's the thing: the two franchises have to connect at some point. There's no way that Disney would pass up on the potential box office haul that Avengers vs Star Wars would bring in. They won't do it now, while both franchises are hot. As soon as one of them starts to struggle, Disney will slap them together faster than the Millenium Falcon can do the Kessel Run. Setting up Han as Star-Lord's dad is the least clumsy way of doing it. We know that Quill's father is still alive, because he hired the Ravagers to abduct him when he was a child. Well, we don't know how alive he is. Maybe Han ended up on Earth, impregnated Quill's mom, and now he's bouncing around the galaxy as a Force ghost? Sure, Han isn't a Jedi, but we're pretty sure he could figure out how to do the ghost thing. He's a pretty clever guy. It'd be worth it so he could stick around to eventually see his kid. If Han's a Force ghost, that explains why he hired a bunch of pirates to do it, and risk them eating his kid on the return trip.