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James Gunn Talks Potential Guardians Of The Galaxy Spin-Off Films

James Gunn would love to see Guardians of the Galaxy spin-off films, although he won't say which characters he would pursue a standalone movie for first. In a Facebook Live interview on Monday afternoon, Gunn said that it would be "a lot of fun" to do spin-off films and that he has "a lot of ideas" if he's able to stick around and work with Marvel longer.

Gunn's ambitions go beyond just the Guardians, though. While he said that he isn't interested in directing an Avengers movie, Gunn did say that there are "all sorts" of other Marvel characters he wants to bring to the big screen. He also added that there are lots of DC superheroes that he loves, saying "who knows" whether or not he would ever get a chance to tell one of their stories.

The character who many fans are probably pushing for Gunn to bring to the big screen is Howard the Duck, who got some vindication in the post-credits scene of Guardians of the Galaxy after an awful movie outing in the 1980s. However, Gunn says that just because the character appeared in the credits doesn't mean that audiences should expect a Howard the Duck stand alone film anytime soon. "Will Howard the Duck reappear within the MCU?" he said. "Probably. Does that mean there will be a Howard the Duck movie? Who knows? It's not incredibly likely, but you never know."

Some fans have also been pushing for Gunn to direct one of the movies in the newly expanding Star Wars universe, considering the similarity between the franchise and Guardians. However, Gunn said that he wouldn't be interested, citing the need to stick in the Star Wars continuity and tone as a downside to signing onto the important project. "I feel like although Guardians is within the MCU, I was able to come in and sort of create it in a way that I saw a space opera should be," he said. "I don't see how that experience could be beaten by creating a Star Wars movie."

Gunn did say that he has an upcoming project that he is excited about which he will announce soon, although he didn't specify if it was Marvel-related. Whatever his next venture is, we do know that his Guardians will return to the screen on May 5; while we wait, see how the movie's characters should really look based on the comics.