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Here's How Uncle Ben Will Fit In To Spider-Man: Homecoming

Spider-Man: Homecoming will be the first of the Spider-Man films not to show the death of Peter's Uncle Ben on screen, meaning that it will also likely be the first movie to not directly include the "With great power comes great responsibility" speech which has become so famous. According to producer Eric Carroll, this decision came both from a desire to keep up a light and fun tone throughout the film.

"What we're trying to tell is this sort of fun story of the kid who is doing all the wrong things for the right reasons," Carroll told CinemaBlend. "Once you [bring in Uncle Ben], it stops becoming a fun movie about a kid trying to be a kid. He's mourning the loss of a parent."

However, the movie won't forget Uncle Ben entirely, as Carroll says that Marisa Tomei's Aunt May will reference him directly on numerous occasions. "We don't go into specifics," he said. "We're trying to imply that he's dead. We have not at all, again, gone into trying to change his origin story."

Uncle Ben's murder has been shown on screen twice already, and, with Homecoming facing the difficult task of making Peter's story seem fresh and new despite the five previous films, it makes sense that they would decide to skip Ben's death, even though it was one of the formative moments for Peter. However, the "with great power comes great responsibility" mantra is such an important feature of the character that it would seem strange for the film not to include it at all. There are other ways it could be included– the speech could still come from another character (potentially Aunt May or Tony Stark), or it could be something that Peter remembers Uncle Ben telling him before his death. Just because Uncle Ben's death won't be shown in the movie doesn't mean that Peter's most important lesson will be left out entirely.

We'll know more about Uncle Ben's role and about Peter's motives when Spider-Man: Homecoming flies into theaters on July 7. While we wait, see some of the hidden details you may have missed in the film's trailer and check out why the movie will be better than you think.