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The New It Trailer Is Downright Terrifying

Well, after much anticipation, the first trailer for It is finally here. And we've got to say, the folks at Warner Bros. certainly have guts. After all, the trailer opens up with the most iconic scene from the original 1990 TV movie, with poor little Georgie (Jackson Robert Scott) chasing his paper boat down a flooded street and running straight into the homicidal clown himself. It also seems like the folks at Warner Bros. are taking the Jaws approach by keeping Pennywise (Bill SkarsgÄrd) in the shadows, at least in this trailer anyway. We only get a few glimpses here and there of the Derry demon, but it's enough to make us stay far away from any storm drains for the rest of the day.

Directed by Andres Muschietti, It tells the story of a group of small-town kids who find themselves up against a shape-shifting monster that preys on fear and, for the most part, hunts its victims while in the guise of a clown. But unlike the famous TV film, which jumped back and forth between the 1950s and the 1980s, the remake will actually be split in two, with the first half set in the '80s and the sequel taking place in present day. (Of course, if the new film isn't a success, then we probably won't ever get to see the sequel.) While this modern update of Stephen King's classic novel has had a bit of a troubled history, with director Cary Fukunaga dropping out of the project before Muschietti stepped in, it looks like all the trials and tribulations have paid off because this trailer is pretty terrifying.

In addition to some disturbing shots (like those zombie arms reaching around the door), the set design is impressive, and the kids look absolutely terrific. And when the movie finally hits theaters on September 8, it promises to come equipped with an R-rating, so expect all that blood shooting out of the sink to be very, very red. We have incredibly high hopes for this horrifying remake, but while we're waiting for Pennywise to rise out of the sewers, be sure to check out all the future remakes and reboots that will blow everyone away.