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Tony Stark Won't Romance Aunt May In Spider-Man: Homecoming

Everyone can breathe a sigh of relief: Tom Holland has officially confirmed that there will be no Aunt May and Tony Stark romance in Spider-Man: Homecoming.

Fans began to get a bit nervous after seeing Tony and Marisa Tomei's version of Peter's guardian interact in Captain America: Civil War, with the intense chemistry between the two leading some fans to believe that writers were setting them up to become something more. However, Holland told Yahoo! Movies that it is definitely not something that takes place in Homecoming. "No, no, no, no," he said when asked about the romance. "I thought after Civil War that maybe that could happen, but not anymore."

Director and co-writer Jon Watts was a little bit more open to the concept, refusing to deny that the romance existed in the film or could potentially exist in the future. "I don't want to give away any secrets," he said. "I think there's always a chance when you have Marisa Tomei and Robert Downey Jr." (The two have already had an on-screen romance in the 1994 romantic comedy Only You, so their pairing has a history.) However, with Holland's much more strident denial, it seems as though the romance didn't actually make the grade, at least in this movie.

Homecoming will focus on another pretty significant Tony Stark relationship, though: the interaction between him and Peter. Tony and Peter face off in the movie after Tony tells Peter to put down his Spidey suit and focus on high school instead, something which the teen hero doesn't take well to. Watts teased to Fandango earlier this week that the movie will show a different side of Tony as he struggles to deal with the repercussions of bringing Peter to Germany during Civil War. "Is it the first step towards Tony as some sort of mentor figure?" he said. "Is he comfortable with that? Has he ever seen himself as that? Or is he the one who's needed the mentoring along the way? I think it's a really interesting facet of Tony Stark's personality that we get to explore in his relationship with Peter."

Exploring the relationship dynamic between Tony and Peter seems like a much better idea than pursuing something romantic between Tony and Aunt May, and it looks like Homecoming is going to go that route. Of course, we won't know for sure until the movie flies into theaters on July 7. While we wait, watch the film's newest trailer and see what clues you can find about the film from watching Civil War.