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Robert Rodriguez Is Directing Escape From New York Remake

In 1981, John Carpenter teamed up with Kurt Russell for Escape from New York, a sci-fi action flick that forever smashed Russell's Walt Disney image. The film eventually became a cult classic, cementing Carpenter's legacy as one of the all-time great genre directors...but now it looks like the old veteran is passing the post-apocalyptic torch to a younger generation.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, Robert Rodriguez is negotiating to direct the upcoming Escape from New York remake, a decision that's made some people on the internet incredibly uncomfortable. After all, Escape is a bona fide classic, and remakes of Carpenter films don't usually turn out all that well (e.g. The Thing and Rob Zombie's Halloween). On top of that, Rodriguez has something of a spotty track record and a fondness for the green screen. But in his defense, he's the brains behind critically-acclaimed films like Sin City and El Mariachi. If you need further assurances, Carpenter himself has signed on as executive producer, so fingers crossed this film is heading in the right direction.

At the moment, there's no word if Kurt Russell will return to play Snake Plissken, the eyepatch-wearing action hero who sounds a bit like Clint Eastwood. But as 20th Century Fox is interested in creating "a franchise in the same mold of its Planet of the Apes series," then chances are good someone younger is going to don Snake's iconic tank top. As for actual plot details, back in December 2016, The Wrap claimed the remake will still take place in New York, only this time, the island of Manhattan will be a "breathtakingly lovely" utopia surrounded by an "undulating glass wall." That's a far cry from the gritty wasteland of the original. Plus, the villain will supposedly be a wealthy playboy, as opposed to everybody's favorite psychotic crime boss, the Duke of New York.

One way or another, the upcoming Escape from New York is going to feel a whole lot different than Carpenter's iconic film. Of course, that's not so unusual in the world of Hollywood. Need proof? Then spend a few minutes checking out some remakes that are way different from the original movies.