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Guardians Of The Galaxy Vol. 2 Is 'All About Baby Groot'

In a recent interview with Fandango, Guardians of the Galaxy director James Gunn dished about the easter eggs fans can expect to see sprinkled in the upcoming sequel, as well as what Baby Groot will be up to as he helps save the universe.

Gunn said viewers will get to see the first easter egg pretty early on. "I guess it depends on what you call an easter egg, but there's definitely a very, very distinctly cool easter egg that's like the fourth shot [of the movie]," Gunn said. "It's a very cool easter egg very early in the movie. Something that fans of mine will recognize from other films."

It'll appear shortly after the opening credits, which Gunn said consist of "one long, huge shot with a lot of practical elements and a lot of special effect elements."

As far as our beloved Baby Groot is concerned, Gunn said fans should be prepared to see the little guy go through his fair share of rough patches in the flick. "They'll get a little bit of a Baby Groot happy dance in the beginning," he said."But he's definitely got his trials and tribulations in the film." Gunn said Groot won't have "an easy road."

The dance moves that Groot does show off will be as epic as ever, however, with Gunn himself providing the live-action get-down. He explained just how groovy they will be. "I still do all of Groot's dancing in the film, in a much bigger way. I actually had to do like a full day's worth of dancing to get Groot's dance down this time. Last time, it was me in front of an iPhone, and this time, it's me dancing on a huge soundstage and shooting it from five different angles."

Baby Groot will still have a massive taste for funk in the sequel, and he'll be seen shaking his leaves to "big brass '70s pop songs." But the big news is that Groot will remain little through the whole movie. "This one's all about Baby Groot," Gunn said. "It's not about growing Groot."

Fans can see the adorable little Groot and the rest of the galaxy-saving gang in theaters on May 5. Before then, be sure to check out 20 of the coolest facts about the Guardians you likely didn't know.