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Woody Harrelson And Frances McDormand Go To War In New Trailer

It seems like 2017 is going to be a pretty great year if you're a Woody Harrelson fan. After all, the actor recently announced his involvement in the Star Wars universe, he's set to appear in War for the Planet of the Apes, and now it looks like he'll be trading R-rated barbs with a very angry Frances McDormand. The duo are going toe-to-toe in the new trailer for Martin McDonagh's upcoming movie, Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri (that's a mouthful), but before clicking play, you should probably know this trailer isn't exactly safe for work. Because Martin McDonagh.

Set in the American Midwest, the film focuses on McDormand's Mildred Hayes, a mother struggling with the murder of her daughter. Making things worse, the killer is still at large, and Hayes is convinced that the local sheriff, Bill Willoughby (Harrelson), is slacking on the job. Taking matters into her own hands, this infuriated mom sends the sheriff a message via three sizable billboards, hoping to call attention to the case and embarrass the sheriff into action. Of course, not everyone is pleased with her tactics. According to the official synopsis (via Empire), "When [Willoughby's] second-in-command Officer Dixon (Sam Rockwell), an immature mother's boy with a penchant for violence, gets involved, the battle between Mildred and Ebbing's law enforcement is only exacerbated."

The film also stars Peter Dinklage, Abbie Cornish, John Hawkes, and Lucas Hedges, and it marks Martin McDonagh's big return to movie theaters after a five-year absence. We're eager to see what the brains behind In Bruges has to offer, although we can probably guess it'll involve misery, dark humor, and a whole lot of naughty language. And while you're waiting for McDonagh's third feature film, you can get more familiar with his leading man by digging into the untold truth of Woody Harrelson.