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Rocket And Groot Clean Up In New Animated Short For Disney XD

A talking raccoon and a sentient tree walk into a five-star restaurant... No, that's not the lead-up to an elaborate joke; it's the premise behind the latest Rocket & Groot animated short from director Arnaud Delord and Passion Pictures for Disney XD.

While Bradley Cooper and Vin Diesel bring the anthropomorphized action heroes to life on the big screen, voice actors Billy West and Kevin Michael Richardson give a new spin to Rocket and Groot, respectively.

The newest short is the third in Disney XD's Rocket & Groot series, which will consist of 12 episodes. Titled "Black Tie Only," the short sees the dynamic duo attempt to gain entry into a high-class establishment. Unfortunately, a certain someone's matted fur and musty costume make that task quite difficult. Rocket insists he's not about to begin bathing after six whole years of avoiding the bubbled-up tub, but he may just have to if he wants their plan to buy a new ship to go off without a hitch. As expected, things take a hilarious turn toward the end of the short, which leaves Rocket with a serious case of the grumps.

Disney XD will air the full collection of Rocket & Groot shorts on April 10, though single installments will air one at a time up until then. Between new episodes, be sure to check out the Guardians facts you may not know, and read why Vin Diesel believes there'll be a Rocket and Groot spin-off film.