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Watch An Extended Trailer For The Originals Season 4

Showrunner Julie Plec promised horror in season 4 of The Originals, and, from the new extended trailer, it looks like she definitely delivered. The trailer gives a glimpse at the strained relationship between Klaus (Joseph Morgan) and his daughter Hope (Summer Fontana), his continued trouble with Marcel (Charles Michael Davis), and the very terrifying supernatural threat that is currently taking over New Orleans.

"What better life might have awaited you were another man your father?" Klaus says to Hope at the start of the trailer. After a quick recap of the events at the end of season 3, the trailer moves into the present, where the conflict between Marcel and the Mikaelsons has elevated to new heights, causing people to begin to question if Hope would be better off without them. "History could repeat itself," Cami (Leah Pipes) tells Klaus. "If you're not careful, it will. But you owe it to your daughter to try and change the narrative."

Even though Hope tells Klaus that he is the strongest in the world, "strong enough to keep all the bad things away," it seems like he won't be able to stop an eerie supernatural threat that's descending on the city, preying on everyone in its path, including children. "I swear, I feel this city sometimes just has evil lurking in the shadows," says Vincent (Yusuf Gatewood). "We've managed to keep our monsters buried, but now we've got to make sure that they stay buried." Vincent might be the key to curing Hope of a mysterious ailment that she will be facing this season, an illness which could potentially have something to do with the threat, from the teases in the trailer.

Klaus says that the only chance they will have to survive is to work together, but, with all of the drama within the Mikaelsons and the rest of the show's characters, it's unlikely that that will be an easy task; however, the end of the trailer shows that Elijah has a plan. The trailer also gives a look at the returns of Rebekah (Claire Holt) and Detective Kinney (Jason Dohring).

The Originals airs on Fridays on The CW. In the meantime, check out some other TV shows that (like The Originals' parent show The Vampire Diariesignored the books they were based on.