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Marvel Comics Reveals Mary Jane Watson Variant Covers

The ginger gal from the Spider-Man universe gets a new look... well, three new looks, actually, with a new series of Marvel Comics variant covers.

Unveiled today with Comicbook.com, the revamped covers imagine Mary Jane Watson as a handful of noteworthy heroes. They give comic fans answers to some silly-at-first questions: What would she look like if she was smashing out baddies with a single punch like Danny Rand/Iron Fist? How would she dress, and would her aim be as sharp, if she was the Punisher? Can a multi-way crossover with Gwen Stacy and the Merc with a Mouth be possible with Mary Jane as Gwenpool?

The variant covers come from some of Marvel Comics' top illustrators, who have reworked the fire-haired leading lady as different characters. Stephanie Hans channels Shau-Lao the Undying in Mary Jane for the cover of Iron Fist #4. Next up is The Punisher #13 cover, which shows Mary Jane eyeing the enemy from behind an expertly-aimed gun. Artist David Nakayama goes a funner route to turn MJ into Gwendolyn Poole, pink goggles and all, in The Unbelievable Gwenpool #17. Check them out below.

Marvel's Mary Jane variant covers are set to go on sale in June, commemorating the debut of Peter Parker: The Spectacular Spider-Man #1. Reportedly, additional reimaginings for June 2017 will be revealed tomorrow, so we'll definitely keep you updated.

Speaking of new covers and remixed looks, check out how Marvel's biggest group of heroes differ from page to screen. Just don't expect to see a Thor-styled Peter Parker variant in the concept art. (Oh, how we wish!)